You know You’re a Couponer When…

Whether you are a couponer in France or Frankfort, Kentucky, Italy or Idaho; couponers are alike in many ways. We have many of the same shopping experiences, the same challenges at home – like needing more space to store the hauls that accumulate so quickly, and of course the same impact on family, friends and even neighbors. Despite the every now and then challenges that may accompany couponing, successful and well planned hauls, often times offers high rewards physically, financially and emotionally. In celebration of couponers our What’s Your Deal Facebook family chimed in and provided heartwarming and funny characteristics of couponers across the nation.

You Know You’re a Couponer When:

Your old man buys a drink and you go back in to get a refund of $0.50 because you had a coupon -Gina Marie M.

Your spouse clears off the table when you get home cause they know you wanna show off your haul and take a picture. -Deana S.

Your grandchildren play store and pay with coupons -Veeda W. 

You don’t buy it unless you have a coupon to make it free and it’s on clearance or on a great sale. And if it is, you buy a bunch even if you already have a lot of that item -Maria B.

You can come up with at least 3 possible ways to make your OOP work even when someone has cleared the shelf on the item your were looking for. – Nicole S.

You get annoyed when people ask you to do anything during super doubles. -Tikieira R.

You find coupons EVERYWHERE!! Car, house, stockpile room, purse, binder etc.- Jessmarie Caez

You actually feel sick watching someone in line pay full price at Target for deodorant, detergents and toothpaste. -Katherine E.

You dont want to do a shopping trip without having q’s for every item on ur list. -Annette F.

You go to sleep at night looking at our [What’s Your Deal] group and then fall asleep and dream about couponing. -Kim G.


A heartfelt thank you to Ge’ylah Jones for compiling this list, and ALL of our incredible members, for all of the laughs, and ‘relatable’ moments.  The life of a couponer is a busy one no matter how you add it up, but every now and then, we all need to take moment to step back and have a laugh.  And Now…Back to Shopping!




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