Why Shop MENARDS? You Can Score THOUSANDS Of Dollars Worth Of FREEBIES…ALL YEAR LONG, And Spend Little To NOTHING OOP! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Freebies

Have you ever heard of Menards? If not, it may be time to check it out!  Menards is a home improvement type store found in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.  If you are NOT sure if you have this store or not, you should DEFINITELY look into it and check it out!  Even if you have to drive to get to one, it just may be worth your trip!  They sell a wide variety of products that goes above and beyond just your average home improvement store.  You can find everything from food and clothing, to household supplies, books and decor!

Did you know that Menards offers an INCREDIBLE in store rebate program?  It is a little known perk that this store offers shoppers that the Coupon Community could REALLY take advantage of!  Although there is approximately a one month turnover between rebates, with a little planning and effort, you can REALLY rack up the freebies!  Below I have provided a brief synopsis on how I shop for FREE all year long at Menards!

Here is your deal:

  • Look for items in store that are ‘Free after Rebate’
  • Purchase your selected items and then submit for your rebate IMMEDIATELY! Don’t wait and don’t delay, the SOONER you get your rebate in, the sooner you will get it back!
  • When you receive your rebate, use it to go BACK to the store and purchase MORE items that are ‘Free after Rebate’,  some locations do not charge tax on items that are free after rebate, or items that you are paying for with a rebate.  I am not sure if this is all locations, so YMMV.
  • You can use your rebate check all at once, or you can break it up and use it at different times.  I choose to use it all at once to get the most ‘Bang’ for my bucks!
  • Using your rebates like this is considered ‘Rolling’ your rebates.  If you do it correctly, you will NEVER have to pay anything oop! Now THAT is what I call smart shopping!!
Your Rebate Check will come in the mail and look like this!

Helpful Rebating Tips:

  • Check your ads for Menards, and check ALL of them…often times Menards will offer up to 3 different ads that all offer different rebates
  • Don’t eliminate items that are cheap but not free after rebates, if you were going to purchase the items anyhow, it is STILL a bonus!
  • Follow our Facebook Group Couponing at Menards so that you NEVER miss a deal, and get heads up on the HOTTEST unadvertised deals!
  • ALWAYS look for coupons that can be stacked!  By using a coupon on top of a ‘free after rebate’ deal, you can turn it into a MONEY MAKER!
  • Look for items that you need to purchase, or plan on purchasing from another store, and purchase them from Menards instead!  This is a GREAT way to get your rebate rolling started!
  • Menards stores are located in the following states: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming.
  • If you DON’T want to invest alot of money out of pocket to start your rebates rolling, consider purchasing a gift card at a discounted rate from!  If you use the link provided here, you can earn $5 off of your first purchase, in addition to the percentage off offered through the app! Save BIG With RAISE

Menards has SO MANY Ways to save, you should DEFINITELY jump on board this year and get started!  There is NO EASIER WAY to score free items, all year long!


If you are interested in learning about other ways you can save, Check out these MONEY MAKING Apps, That I use and love!

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  • Receipt Hog Earn CASH and CREDITS for your receipts
  • Shopmium Be sure to use referal code KKFAGUFK to score some freebies, from ME!
  • Check Points and be sure to copy and use this code lpagel91
  • BerryCart Earn on Healthy Choices
  • Schoola **Score Clothes for FREE, and it’s EASY!
  • Efurb a HOT way to earn FREE Electronics!
  • Ebates Earn checks for shopping that go STRAIGHT to your doorstep!
  • Pat Pat Score freebies for Mommy and ME! Also household goods

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