What Are Dollar General Digital Coupons….How Can I Get Some And Start Saving TODAY? #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #DGDigitalCoupons

Have you heard the buzz?  Dollar General is ALL about the digital coupons, and shoppers are saving BIG TIME on these!  Dollar General implemented its Digital Coupon program In July of 2014, and although it took some time to refine, business is now BOOMING with shoppers ready to save!  Any shopper is eligible to have a digital coupon account, and you DON’T need a smartphone to join in on the fun!

Here is your deal:

  • Go here to sign up for Digital Coupons: DG Goes Digital
  • Sign up for your VERY OWN Dollar General Digital Coupon Account
  • Before shopping either go onto your account through a computer OR the app on your phone, add any or ALL coupons that you are interested in using
  • When you are ready to checkout, wait for the cashier to hit total, then enter your phone number into the pin pad at the register
  • Watch your savings STACK UP as your total GOES DOWN!
  • Thanks Dollar General! We LOVE Your Digital Coupon Program!



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can one household have multiple accounts if there a more than one shopper within the residence?
    Yes! According to the Dollar General site, ‘Each user phone number is unique and will not be linked with other members of your household’
  • How can I tell if a coupon has been used?
    -Once a coupon has been used, if it cannot be used again, it will be removed from your list of available coupons
  • Can I use PAPER Coupons if I am using DIGITAL coupons?
    -YES! you can use both PAPER coupons and DIGITAL Coupons in the same transaction
  • Can I STACK a Manufacturer coupon with a Digital Coupon?
    -Sometimes! Yes! In SOME cases, you CAN Stack coupons!  You can ALWAYS stack a Dollar General Digital Coupon with a Paper Manufacturer Coupon, You CANNOT stack a Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Coupon with a Paper Manufacturer
  • How can I tell WHICH coupons are Dollar General Digital coupon, and Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Coupons
    -Dollar General Digital Coupons will say ‘DG store coupon’ in the upper left hand corner of the coupon, Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Do NOT have that (See example below)
Dollar General Digital Coupon **Note the Upper left hand corner notation**

Dollar General Digital Coupon **Note the Upper left hand corner notation**

Digital coupons are available to anyone with a valid phone number, they are accessible and easy to use!  They are a GREAT opportunity for those that don’t have access to high value printables or paper coupons.  If you HAVEN’T given them a chance yet, NOW is the time!  On behalf of Whatsyourdeal, we are giving a great big THANKS To Dollar General for the AWESOME program they are offering loyal shoppers!


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