Walgreens Shoppers – Guess What’s Back… Back Again… Points Booster IS BACK… Tell ALL Of Your Friends!!! | #WalgreensDeals #PointsBooster #ChelsDeals #CouponCommunity

OH YEAH! I LOVE it when Walgreens puts these Points Booster coupons in their ad. They are an AWESOME addition to the ALREADY AWESOME deals Walgreens has going on for the week. 

Starting 11/19/2017 until 11/22/2017 Walgreens has a Points Booster coupon in their ad for 5,000 (= $5.00) Points WYS (When You Spend) $30 on Eligible Items In Store or at Walgreens.com! This is an AWESOME time to replenish your points!

***Walgreens Shoppers Tip: SOMETIMES they ALSO put the same coupon on the app as well for you to clip and SOMETIMES (not all the time) if you scan the one in the ad and you have the one clipped to your card as well you get DOUBLE THE POINTS! So, instead of just getting 5,000 points, you will receive 10,000 points. The day the sale starts I will check and see if the coupon is able to clip to your card as well as going in and making a purchase to see if you can double dip this points booster. I will keep everyone updated as I find out more info about the points booster and deal scenarios I come up with.

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