WALGREENS – Double Dip Explained

Once you have been couponing for a month or two, you are sure to see DOUBLE DIPS listed under our Walgreens Category.  And you may be wondering, what exactly IS a double dip, and how can I get it?

Walgreens doubledipsexplained

What is a Double Dip Deal?  Some Walgreen’s stores update the sale prices that start Sunday on Saturday (If you are lucky, your store will do it Saturday AM, my local store manager told me their new Sunday prices start at 6pm Saturday.) So we have sales from this week that overlap with BOGOs for next week.  This is called a DOUBLE DIP!   Each store is different.  My local store does not give FUTURE points or FUTURE Register Rewards.

Remember: Double dips are an anomaly, caused by current sales needing to be honored, and the new sales prices that need to be in place for Sunday morning.  Most stores start changing out their sale tags in the isles on Saturday, so once the sales tags start going up, the prices must be honored.  It is easier for the stores to simply implement the new pricing before they start changing the sales tags in the isles.  If your store does not set the prices early, you may have to check another store. Remember, do not complain, this is an anomaly, and you don’t want to ruin it at all locations.  I have found that 24 hour stores seem to start their NEW prices later than stores that close.

UPDATE: As of 6/8/14 it is expected that all stores (not confirmed yet) will wait till 10PM to start hanging the shelf tags for the future ad.  So it is possible that DDs will only be possible at 24 hour locations from 10pm – 12 midnight.

There are two ways to find out if you stores is DOUBLE DIPPABLE:

  1. Simply ask the manager.  I always make it a point to be super friendly with my local store managers.  To me, they are my BEST BESTIES while I am in their store.  I rely on them when there is a question on pricing and also for rainchecks.  So I always want to leave them feeling “good” about our conversations.  Anytime they go above and beyond for me, or even just do their job for me, I thank them, and show appreciation.  If you have a good relationship with your store manager, just ask.  They already know you coupon, and they will be happy to help.  The question I ask, “What time do the Sunday ad prices start?”  The reason I ask this question, is if someone is new, and is not familiar with “couponers lingo” they will not understand double dipping, but they will ALL understand the question, What time does Sundays ad pricing start.
  2. If you are new to couponing, or shy to ask, then simply try one out.  Check out your receipt and see if you got the deal.
  3. Another good indicator is the pricing on the shelves.  When the NEW price is on the shelf, the store has already switched. If they have not switched, THEY Will honor it because it is on the SHELF and in the NEWSPAPER AD.

The double dips that work best for me are the ones that give points or register rewards THIS week while offering a sale or bogo next week.

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