Walgreens 102 – Rolling Transactions

Walgreen's 201

In our Walgreen’s 101, we looked at what Balance Reward Points are and what Register Rewards are. In this Walgreen’s 201, we look at rolling transactions to maximize your savings.

So what is rolling transactions? Rolling is using either the Register Rewards or Balance Reward Points you received from buying one item or group of items (a transaction), to make another purchase other items that give Register Rewards or Balance Reward Points. For example, if Crest is $3.00 giving a $3.00 Register Reward and Glade is $3.00 giving a Register Reward, you would want to separate your transactions by using the Crest Register Reward to pay for the Glade transaction, and then using the Glade Register Reward to pay for Crest and going back and forth.

In another example, if Crest is giving the same $3.00 Register Reward we used in the first example, but Glade is giving 3,000 ($3.00) in Balance Reward Points, you could still roll transactions, doing the same thing. Use your Register Rewards to pay for a Balance Rewards Points item and then on the next transaction, you use your Balance Reward Points to pay for the Register Reward items.

Most weeks, you will see the word “filler” or “filler item” used. This is a very inexpensive item (my favorite is pencils…we never seem to have enough around here) to “fill” the coupon requirements. Like, if I have 5 items in my transactions, with 5 manufacturers coupons that I want to use but I want to pay my balance with any number of Register Rewards, I will need to get some fillers for each Register Reward that I want to use.

Just remember:

Never use your Balance Reward Points on a transaction where you will be earning Balance Reward Points. If you do this, you will not receive the Balance Reward Points.

Almost never use your Register Reward to purchase the same item that produced the Register Reward. If you do this, you will not receive another Register Reward. Occasionally, you may hear or see the term “rolling reward”. If a Register Reward is rolling, it means it’s rolling on itself. Let’s say a Gillette razor Register Reward is for $4.00, if it’s rolling, that means you can buy another Gillette using the Gillette $4.00 Register Reward and it’s producing another RR. This is unusual but occasionally it happens (most often on P&G products).

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