Target Halloween Clearance Haul: OOP $36, Retail $312! #targetclearance #targetdeals

Headed to Target this morning to grab my 08¢ Kelloggs Cereal deal and while I was there couldn’t help but stop in to check out the Halloween clearance. Glad I did, today it got marked down even further to 90% off on costumes & decor and 70% off candy! Scored a whopping $276 in savings!

Decor items & costumes 90% off….
hall2 sm
Retail price: $288.95
Paid out of pocket: $28.90
Savings: $260.05

Halloween Bagged Candy 70% off….
hall1 sm
Retail price: $23.97
Paid out of pocket: $7.19
Savings: $16.78

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