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Scrubbing Bubbles

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Shout, Windex, AND Scrubbing Bubbles….Sounds Like Some CHEAP Spring Cleaning To Me! #SpringClean #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity

If you are looking to stock up before the big Spring Clean, now just may be the time, if you are a Hyvee Shopper!  Right now they are running Shout, Windex or Scrubbing Bubbles home cleaning products 22 to 32 fl. oz. all for just $2.79 each.  The best part is, we have some HIGH value printable coupons available right now!  Here is your deal:

scrubbing bubbles logo


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The Happiest Haul Of Them All….Because I Got PAID TO SHOP!

Wow!  This haul was SO much fun, I just kept going…and going…and going….. My coupon partner and I hit three different stores, and ROCKED it at all three!  My haul had 85 items included in it, and I spent around $8.00 oop…this is all BEFORE rebates!  Hopefully you will see this haul and find some deals that you can grab too!  Here is the breakdown:



Store #1 Menards

  • (20) Boxes of Curad Bandaids, normally $1.00 each, on sale now 2/$1.  I used (20) $1/1 coupons resulting ins $10.00 in overage
  • (3) Boxes of Centrum Silver, normally $9.99 each, on sale now for $5.00.  I used (3) $4/1 coupons bringing them down to $1.00 a box (Bringing my total to +$7.00)
  • (4) Boxes of Centrum Vitamins, normally $9.99 each, on sale now for $5.00.  I used (4) $4/1 coupons bringing them down to $1.00 a box (Bringing my total to +$3.00
  • (2) Packs of work boot socks for my husband normally $3.99, on sale no for $1.50 each bringing my total to 0
  • (1) Micro Fiber screen cleaner on sale now for $.99…in theory, this SHOULD have made my total $.99, but for some reason, I am STILL unsure of, it all came to $.43, and that was including tax.  I am STILL scratching my head baffled over that one, but most definitely NOT complaining!
  • Store #1, 30 items, $.43 oop, PLUS I received Mail In Rebates for ALL of the vitamins ($5.00 per bottle, as advertised) which I promptly submitted for, so I am expecting $35.00 back in the mail, making this trip a $34.57 MONEY MAKER for me:)
  • For more details on any of the deals listed about, click the links: Money Making Band Aids, Money Making Vitamins, Screen Cleaner, HOT Socks!

Store #2 Target

  • (2) Bags of Purina Dog Chow priced $4.99 each, I used (1) BOGO coupon, and the store auto-deducted $6.50 off making both bags only $3.50
  • (3) Nivea Lotion priced $1.97 each and used $2/1 making them all FREE
  • (10) Hand Warmers were all on a surprise clearance (Check your stores!) in the Dollar Spot for $.30 each, I paid $3.00 for all
  • (23) Hello Kitty Items, and select kids toys (2 Dinosaur learn to read books, 3 pack of crayola kleenex, transformers kids bags, and some scrapbooking supplies) all were on a surprise clearance at Target for $.30 each for a total of $6.90
  • (2) Trojan Condoms on sale for $2.94, I used $5/1 coupon earning $3.00 in overage for each pack for a total of $6.00 bringing my final total to $9.40
  • I used my Shop Kick and paid NOTHING oop!  If you are not familiar with Shop Kick, then you DEFINITELY need to get on board and get FREE GIFT CARDS like me!!  Check out how you can get $10.00 in FREE gift cards to get started (P.S. They NEVER ask you for Money, so this is a GREAT app, I love it!) Get your FIRST $10 Gift Card NOW!

Store #3 Lowes

  • Lowe’s has some SWEET items advertised right now online, AND they will match their advertised online price, which means, even if you DON’T use coupons, you are in for some SERIOUS Savings!
  • (5) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom normally $2.98, I paid $.27 each for a total of $1.35
  • (4) 3 packs of Clorox Wipes normally $6.99, I paid $1.19 each bringing my total to $6.11
  • (3) Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle purple normally $2.98, I paid $.16 each, bringing me to $6.59
  • (3) Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle green normally $2.98, I paid $.27 each bringing me to $7.40
  • I did NOT use any coupons on this trip, although there were plenty that would have matched.  This was my very first PM’ing Trip to Lowes, so I was really just doing a test run to see how things went:)  IMO, It went GREAT!
  • For More Details on any of the deals listed here, click the appropriate link: Mr. Clean,  Scrubbing Bubbles, 

This trip, I spent a total of $7.83 oop.  I returned home and submitted for a $1.00 rebate on the Scrubbing Bubbles on my phone, AND my husband’s phone, earning a total of $2.00 in rebates.  I submitted my receipts to Receipt Hog, earning even more there.  Finally, I made sure to fill our my Menards Rebates and mail those out.  All rebates considered, this trip earned me $29.17 and a 85 items!  All in all, I’d give this trip ***** FIVE STARS!

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WOWZA… *HOT* Money Maker On Scrubbing Bubbles @ Walmart! You Don’t Want To Miss This *HOT* Deal!!!

scrubbing bubbles 2

Right now *SELECT* areas have Scrubbing Bubbles 32-oz Foam Multipurpose Bathroom Cleaner on for $.27 cents! YES, I SAID $.27 CENTS!!! Pretty SWEET deal if you ask me! But, what makes it even SWEETER is we have a coupon for $1/1 that makes this a *HOT* MONEY MAKER!!!

So… What’s the deal?

  • Buy (1) Scrubbing Bubbles 32-oz Foam Multipurpose Bathroom Cleaner (PM for $.27)
  • Use (1) $1/1 Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning Product, exp. 2/21/15 (SS 01/11/15 #2)


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Scrubbing Bubbles Washing Away High Prices At Walgreens through 11/8!

Right now if you need to stock up on cleaning supplies, Walgreens is the place to be!!  You can get a spectacular price on Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaner, if you have the right coupons.  Here is your deal:

  • Buy (2) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaners on Sale now 2/$6.50
  • Use (2) Printable $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning product to bring your total down to 2/$4.50
  • EARN 1,000 points wyb 2, like getting this deal for only $3.50/2 OR $1.75 each!!

scrubbing bubbles logo


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