No More “Red Plum” Inserts In The Sunday Paper

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SHOCKWAVES RIPPLE THROUGH THE COUPONING COMMUNITY as Redplum changes its distribution Strategy. NO Longer In Tampa Papers

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UPDATED 6/3/2014

Big news always seems to break on a FRIDAY, doesn’t it?  Well our friends in Tampa Bay Florida got some big news today.  Red Plum inserts will now be mailed to their homes instead of available in the local newspapers.   And with the recent report that released showing that Tampa Bay is the NUMBER 1 City for total printed coupons through, this news is sending shock waves through the couponing community. Particularly those located in Florida.

The practice of RedPlum mailing their weekly coupon booklet (No longer an insert if it is not inserted) has been creeping across the nation.  We have gotten reports from all corners of the USA where customers get their coupon booklet on Wednesday or Thursday in the mail, rather than the following Sunday in the paper.

Is this a bad thing?  I would not necessary say that, it is just different.  Our Tampa friends will have to change the way they get their RedPlum coupons.  First step, Go to RedPlums webpage and add your address.  (Speak with family and friends who do not coupon, and ask if you can add their addresses too)

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Your next step, to ensure that you get the number of inserts you want, visit our Coupon Traders Forum where you can find Insert Sellers.  We specifically recommend Monkies Kelly Lee, but you are free to choose any insert seller.

All in all, this is just a change in marketing strategy, rather than an end to Redplum inserts.  The inserts will still be available, and there will be additional ways to score large numbers of inserts for those who are creative and use their noggin’.    Fret not, and think about what you can do to score inserts!  Seriously! This is a NEW opportunity.  Things change, new opportunities arise.  Embrace it, and see what you can come up with.

Here is the news piece that was done on this topic.  It appears to be a fact that on June 1 Redplums will not be in the newspapers.  The concerning part of this news piece is the speculation.  Clearly the news station has not been able to get in touch with RedPlum and the very last sentence in the piece is “If our source is correct”  Just take it with a grain of salt.

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Let me give you some additional information that THIS news channel DIDN’T take the time to investigate.    1. People across the nation have been getting REDPLUM in the mail for years.  It has not come in their newspaper for years.  So to act like this is the ONLY Place it is happening is ridiculous.  In other states, you do NOT have to sign up to get Redplum in the mail if that is the marketing strategy they are  using in that area.  (If all things are equal, those in Tampa will get an early surprise in the mail mid week next week.)

Our Poll shows that about 15% OF All couponers are currently getting their REDPLUM in the mail.  IF you want to see our Poll join our Couponing at Walmart TOO! Group

Here are the results of our POLL at this time:


In conclusion, this proves that Mailing the Redplum is simply a marketing strategy and that other areas have been getting theirs in the mail for some time now.


This is the PM I received back from REDPLUM when I inquired about the Tampa Area: Hi Kim! The company has made a business decision to shift availability of its RedPlum coupon booklet package from Tampa Bay area newspapers to our RedPlum mail package.