HELP! A Shopper’s Guide To Helping Couponers Create A Coupon Friendly Environment In EVERY Store! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Newbies #CouponGoals

HELP!! My Store Staff Does NOT Understand Coupons;
A comprehensive guide to working WITH your local store teams in an effort to CREATE and maintain a coupon friendly environment

There have been many occasions where I have heard shoppers express concerns that the local stores that they shop don’t ‘understand’ coupons, or that the store personnel don’t ‘like’ couponers.  Below I have complied a summary of guidelines that are TRIED and TRUE in helping shoppers to create an environment that is enjoyable for both the shopper, and the store!

Be Prepared
Upon entering the store, be prepared, and have a plan. Being prepared and organized shows the store that you respect them, the other customers, and their time. If you intend to purchase in bulk, and supplies are often limited, try to make arrangements in advance. Have your coupons, clipped, counted, organized and ready BEFORE approaching the register. Know and understand your store’s coupon policy, this includes any locally based rules and regulations. Know and understand any necessary coupon language (Need a guide? Get one here: Coupon Lingo)


Choosing your Checkout Location
Remember to follow the checkout guidelines. If you have many items, avoid holding other shoppers up by NOT using the express checkout lane. If you KNOW your store does not allow ad matches at the registers, and you intend to ad match, head to customer service.


At Checkout
CONGRATS you have made it to checkout! Now that you are here, you will see that every checkout experience will probably be a little different. You cannot control how others will respond to you and your coupons, but you can ALWAYS respond you respond. Approaching with, and maintaining a professional, positive attitude is the BEST way to build a positive relationship with your store staff, and have an overall positive checkout experience. Every cashier is different, and many have different approaches to couponing. Try to abide by your cashiers requests, so long as they are reasonable (cashiers may ask to see your coupons in advance, scan as they go, etc.). If you come across confusion on coupon terminology, try to teach in a calm, professional manner.
Many store personnel are confused by ‘per purchase’/ ‘per transaction’. An excellent way to deter this confusion is by showing a P&G coupoon as an example, as these coupons often say, 1 PER PURCHASE, 4 Like Coupons PER DAY (See image below).


Remember, although it may seem frustrating taking valuable time to teach others, being patient now, may save you time and frustration later!
If you and your cashier are still unable to see eye to eye after calm discussion, you may ask to speak to a manager.
Speaking to a Manager
If the situation remains unresolved to the point that you cannot proceed, you may need to request to speak to a manager. At this point, it is imperative that you calmly express your points to the manager. It is not effective to argue, or debate, rather rationally point out facts and openly discuss the policy. This is a GREAT opportunity to show that couponers can be an asset to the store, and that working together can benefit all parties involved.

IF the manager has time, be sure to ask the following questions. If they do NOT Have time, ask if they are willing to arrange a meeting to address your questions. Below are some points of interest to cover during your conversation:
*Does your store have a specific coupon policy (this policy may be MORE or LESS strict than the national policy)?
*May I have a copy of the policy?
*If coupons are limited to xxx amount in a transaction, will your store allow multiple transactions?
*Does your store ad match?
*What is the procedure for doing so?
*What is the range it will match (How many miles out, online, etc)
*IF said store ad matches, it is advisable to bring your local drugstore ad and ask, can you circle which price you ad match?
*How should I proceed in the future if I have difficulty at checkout?
The key to this meeting should be to open a dialogue with the store. Some stores will do incredible things in the name of customer service!! Remember, the key to this meeting is not to ‘win’. BOTH Parties should leave the meeting feeling a little more comfortable with couponing in general!


But WHAT IF my meeting DOESN’T go like that?
Always, Always, ALWAYS follow the chain of command. If after meeting with the store manager, you are unable to come to common ground, you may need to go to the next step, the District manager and request to speak to them. When speaking to the DM, you should apply the same prinicples, be calm, logical and rational. Also be sure to listen to what they are saying in response.
Following the chain of command allows the store to rectify what is not going ‘right’ within the store/stores under their umbrella. It also affords an opportunity to build a very positive relationship with your store team.

What IF…After All of these steps, Couponing at my store is STILL No FUN?!
Unfortunately, there are occasionally situations in which you cannot come to an understanding with the immediate team over the store. In these instances, we recommend following up with corporate either by phone, email, or with a certified letter if the situation warrants.

Ultimately, it is always best to work things out from the ground up. If you give your store the opportunity to resolve an issue independently, it will give YOU the opportunity to build a very positive relation ship overall. You will be always be remembered by the manner in which you conduct yourself, so help to give your fellow couponers a GREAT name by putting your best foot forward, every time you shop!


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Here is your deal:

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  • They will AUTOMATICALLY apply your $5.00 credit at checkout leaving you with ONLY the balance!
  • Many gift cards have a higher value than what you are paying, making this deal even SWEETER!  See the example I listed below
  • **SHOPPERS TIP** You can filter your search to cards with a value of $25 and under to help narrow your search.  There are MANY to choose from!



**The above total was for a AMC gift card with a value of $25!!

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Wow! Wow! Wow!  I have been a HUGE fan of the SNAP app for sometime now.  It is an easy to use, money back app that can be used in addition to coupons, store discounts and other savings/rebates.  With SNAP all you have to do is select your offer, snap a picture of the receipt, and you are GOOD to GO!  When you decide you are ready to cash out, you simply request a check and it comes straight to you.  No hassle or hoops to jump though.  THAT is why SNAP is one of my FAVORITE money back apps!

This afternoon I received an email alerting me that this weekend only, SNAP is offering THREE TIMES cash back on their app!  You can earn up to $30 cash back through this HOT new promotion!  Here are the Need To Know’s:

  • Redeem one or more offers of up to $1 cash back, and get 1.5x the amount back!
  • Redeem FIVE or more offers of up to $1 cash back, and get 2x the amount back!
  • Redeem TEN or more offers of up to $1 cash back, get 3x the amount back!
  • You can redeem up to $30.00 in cash back this weekend only!!
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If you are looking for other ways to save money, here are a few other apps I use and LOVE:

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The Happiest Haul Of Them All….Because I Got PAID TO SHOP!

Wow!  This haul was SO much fun, I just kept going…and going…and going….. My coupon partner and I hit three different stores, and ROCKED it at all three!  My haul had 85 items included in it, and I spent around $8.00 oop…this is all BEFORE rebates!  Hopefully you will see this haul and find some deals that you can grab too!  Here is the breakdown:



Store #1 Menards

  • (20) Boxes of Curad Bandaids, normally $1.00 each, on sale now 2/$1.  I used (20) $1/1 coupons resulting ins $10.00 in overage
  • (3) Boxes of Centrum Silver, normally $9.99 each, on sale now for $5.00.  I used (3) $4/1 coupons bringing them down to $1.00 a box (Bringing my total to +$7.00)
  • (4) Boxes of Centrum Vitamins, normally $9.99 each, on sale now for $5.00.  I used (4) $4/1 coupons bringing them down to $1.00 a box (Bringing my total to +$3.00
  • (2) Packs of work boot socks for my husband normally $3.99, on sale no for $1.50 each bringing my total to 0
  • (1) Micro Fiber screen cleaner on sale now for $.99…in theory, this SHOULD have made my total $.99, but for some reason, I am STILL unsure of, it all came to $.43, and that was including tax.  I am STILL scratching my head baffled over that one, but most definitely NOT complaining!
  • Store #1, 30 items, $.43 oop, PLUS I received Mail In Rebates for ALL of the vitamins ($5.00 per bottle, as advertised) which I promptly submitted for, so I am expecting $35.00 back in the mail, making this trip a $34.57 MONEY MAKER for me:)
  • For more details on any of the deals listed about, click the links: Money Making Band Aids, Money Making Vitamins, Screen Cleaner, HOT Socks!

Store #2 Target

  • (2) Bags of Purina Dog Chow priced $4.99 each, I used (1) BOGO coupon, and the store auto-deducted $6.50 off making both bags only $3.50
  • (3) Nivea Lotion priced $1.97 each and used $2/1 making them all FREE
  • (10) Hand Warmers were all on a surprise clearance (Check your stores!) in the Dollar Spot for $.30 each, I paid $3.00 for all
  • (23) Hello Kitty Items, and select kids toys (2 Dinosaur learn to read books, 3 pack of crayola kleenex, transformers kids bags, and some scrapbooking supplies) all were on a surprise clearance at Target for $.30 each for a total of $6.90
  • (2) Trojan Condoms on sale for $2.94, I used $5/1 coupon earning $3.00 in overage for each pack for a total of $6.00 bringing my final total to $9.40
  • I used my Shop Kick and paid NOTHING oop!  If you are not familiar with Shop Kick, then you DEFINITELY need to get on board and get FREE GIFT CARDS like me!!  Check out how you can get $10.00 in FREE gift cards to get started (P.S. They NEVER ask you for Money, so this is a GREAT app, I love it!) Get your FIRST $10 Gift Card NOW!

Store #3 Lowes

  • Lowe’s has some SWEET items advertised right now online, AND they will match their advertised online price, which means, even if you DON’T use coupons, you are in for some SERIOUS Savings!
  • (5) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom normally $2.98, I paid $.27 each for a total of $1.35
  • (4) 3 packs of Clorox Wipes normally $6.99, I paid $1.19 each bringing my total to $6.11
  • (3) Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle purple normally $2.98, I paid $.16 each, bringing me to $6.59
  • (3) Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle green normally $2.98, I paid $.27 each bringing me to $7.40
  • I did NOT use any coupons on this trip, although there were plenty that would have matched.  This was my very first PM’ing Trip to Lowes, so I was really just doing a test run to see how things went:)  IMO, It went GREAT!
  • For More Details on any of the deals listed here, click the appropriate link: Mr. Clean,  Scrubbing Bubbles, 

This trip, I spent a total of $7.83 oop.  I returned home and submitted for a $1.00 rebate on the Scrubbing Bubbles on my phone, AND my husband’s phone, earning a total of $2.00 in rebates.  I submitted my receipts to Receipt Hog, earning even more there.  Finally, I made sure to fill our my Menards Rebates and mail those out.  All rebates considered, this trip earned me $29.17 and a 85 items!  All in all, I’d give this trip ***** FIVE STARS!

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CHA-CHING! That’s the sound of extra cash in YOUR pocket…in 2015!


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CHA-CHING! That’s the sound of extra cash in YOUR pocket…in 2015!

After much anticipation, resolutions, determination to make change, and do better in the coming year, it’s HERE!  We are all asking ourselves, we know what we want, but how do we get there, and where do we go now?  If there is one thing that most people can agree they would like to do, it is figure out how to bring more income into their household, while spending less.  The simplest, quickest way to do this (outside of a spontaneous promotion at work!) is through couponing.  Couponing is a skill that can be learned quickly, started at anytime, and shared with the entire family!

Couponing, in its simplest form, can be done by virtually anyone!  The concept is not complex; Find a coupon, match it to the lowest advertised price, then buy enough of the product to get you through until the next sale comes around.  In theory, it is simple!  However even the best, most experienced couponers know that there can be SO much more to it, depending on how ‘extreme’ you would like your savings to be!

This article is for anyone, like me, that is looking for other, more EXTREME ways to bring that household budget, all the way down to ZERO!  Without further ado, here is a list, of my FAVORITE ways to save, that I am sharing with you in the hopes that your families can benefit from these techniques much in the same way that mine did!


#1 Resolve to NEVER Pay Full Price Again

Once couponing becomes an integral part of your life, you will begin to feel the painful tugs of NEVER wanting to pay full price again.  If you are prepared, and NEVER go shopping without a plan, you can do this!  One easy way to ensure you are always paying the lowest possible price, is to make a list, every time you shop, and stick to it!  By making a list, you are committing to a set of items, and also to a set of prices.  If you shop at a store that price matches, you can ensure that you are always paying the lowest possible price by using two of my all time FAVORITE tools.  First, you can run your list through the Deal Search Tool.  This is as simple as entering the items into the tool, to discover where your items are on sale.  Once you find the lowest price, you can match that price at your store, and pay the lowest price for ALL of the items on your list!  Step two involves running thelist through our Coupon Database.  This tool will tell what coupons are available for select items on your list.  You can use those coupons, in addition to your applied price match!  This can cut the grocery list in two ways, you will not have to pay full price, AND you will save with the coupon as well!  This cuts my grocery budget leaps and bounds, every time I go!


#2 Saving with coupons…AND BEYOND…

Discovering sale prices, and using coupons is a GREAT way to save, but wouldn’t it be better, if there was something more?  Fortunately for smart phone users, THERE IS!  There are a variety of Apps available to help shoppers save more every day after the already discounted trips to the grocery store!  Here are some apps that I use, and LOVE, clear some space on your phone, because once you start with the apps, you WON’T be sorry!

  • Ibotta– This is an app that allows you to earn cash AFTER you have shopped, even if you price match and/or use coupons.  You simply submit for rebates and earn additional cash, and we all know that free cash can add up FAST!  If you are new to Ibotta, it is SO simple to use!  Simply scan the item, and the receipt, then wait for your cash to come.  If you don’t already have an account,  you can sign up here: Save BIG with Ibotta!  Other Apps that I use that are VERY similar to Ibotta include SNAPCheckout 51, Saving Star, Berry Cart, and Shopmium (Use Code KKFAGUFK to earn a FREE Lindt Chocolate Bar!)
  • Receipt Hog– This is an app that allows you to earn cash by scanning your receipts as you shop.  The more you shop, the more you earn!  This app offers opportunities to earn CASH or Amazon Gift Cards.  If you don’t have this awesome App, you can sign up for it here: Save BIG with Receipt Hog.  Another similar App that I use is Receipt Pal, you can enter one receipt into BOTH programs!
  • Shopkick- This is one of my ALL TIME favorite Apps!  With Shopkick, you get ‘Kicks’ for walking into your favorite stores, and scanning items in the store.  Kicks can be turned in for gift cards to your favorite stores to purchase ANYTHING you like!  This is a FANTASTIC way to shop for free for items that can be hard to coupon for, including meat and produce.  If you don’t have this App, then don’t wait!! Sign up for this one today! Earn Gift Cards NOW with Shopkick! You can also score freebies with Check Points, by watching videos, scanning items, and walking into stores you love!  Sign up Here: Check Points and be sure to copy and use this code lpagel91



#3 Give yourself the Gift of a Gift Card…At a Reduced Rate, of Course!

gift cards

Saving money by using giftcards has been a HUGE factor in making my family’s budget stretch!  You can score deals on Gift Cards during store promotions (Target frequently runs sales where they issue gift cards wyb specified items!), during mega sales events such as Black Friday, or even by purchasing used (or partially used) gift cards on Gift Card resale sites.  These are sites that re-sell gift cards that other people didn’t want.  It is a win-win-win as far as I am concerned!  Individuals that don’t like a gift card can sell or exchange at a reduced rate, while thrifty shoppers like us, can scoop them back up paying LESS in cash than what the actual gift card is worth!  This is a fantastic way to save money in other aspects around your home,  but the possibilities are limitless!  If you are doing a home improvement project, or need to complete repairs on a vehicle, you can purchase a gift card in the amount you plan to spend, sometimes for up to %35 off the original price!  This is like getting FREE money!  This can also be done for gift cards to your favorite grocery or clothing stores!  If you are planning to spend money, get a gift card first!  Here are some reliable re-sale sites:

I hope the information in this article will help your family as much as it has helped mine!  Saving money doesn’t have to be a chore, just remember to NEVER leave home without your coupons, and vow to NEVER pay full price again!


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Starters Guide for Couponing Newbies – How To Use

Mastering Couponing Tools

Are you new to couponing?  Is the ‘lingo’  leaving you lost and alone?  Do you feel like you are in a foreign country when navigating couponing sites?  If so, then this article is for you!

So What’s the Deal with What’s Your Deal?

What’s Your Deal is a website that offers couponing newbies the opportunity to become familiar with couponing, and learn at their own pace.  there are a variety of functions available to help new couponers learn the deals, discover the coupons, and get help from others.  Below each function is outlined and explained in detail.

  1. Home Page On our home page, you will find a list of blogs, these blogs are designed to help the average person break down a deal, so that ANYONE can figure it out.  You can scroll down the list and find a variety of money saving tips, from deals on toys, to propane tanks; there is NO limit to saving money with What’s Your Deal!  While you are checking out the blogs, be sure to check in on the Recent 50 to stay current with the hottest deals!
  2. Couponing Basics Couponing basics covers how to get started.  It offers suggestions on the best methods for organizing coupons, how to get coupons, and where to begin.  All of the advice offered in the section is ‘tried and true’ by others just like you!  Everyone starts somewhere, and Coupoing Basics will point you in the right direction.
  3. Coupon DataBase The coupon database is one of my FAVORITE features of our site!  This feature allows you to search for ANY coupon, whether it be printable, or from the paper.  The database will show you where the coupon came from, when it expires, and any limitations to it.  This is a wonderful resource for making your shopping list, you could actually check every item on your list in a matter of MOMENTS to see if there was a coupon available.  Gone  are the days of pouring through the internet, looking for coupons and where they came from.  An added feature is the list of quick links down the right hand side of the page for all printable coupons sites including Red Plum, Smart Source,, P&G Everyday and more!
  4. How To In the how to section, you will find everything from Store Policies to a couponing lingo guide.  This is a great resource to bookmark and refer back to at ANY time!
  5. Categories On the right hand side of the page, as you scroll down you will find a table of contents.  There you will have one click access to deals specific to one store, coupon memes, matchups, insert previews etc.
  6. Deal Search If there is something I love as much as the database, it is surely the deal search tool.  This tool bar is located just under the Catagories section.  Here, you can enter any product you are looking for and find out What’s The Deal.  Again, this is a great tool to utilize when planning a shopping outing.

Learning to navigate our site will be the best thing you can do for your couponing endeavors. will make couponing quick, simple, and understandable, for even the busiest, newest couponers out there!  Good luck, and remember couponing is all about changing habits, once you start it becomes a way of life.  Let What’s Your Deal help you get there!


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How to stockpile and what is it.


Only Buy On Sale

Start a stockpile, and only buy items when they are on sale.

  •  Grocery Stockpile List

What is a stock pile? What do you mean? Why have a stock pile? All these are good questions.

A stock pile is a pile or storage location for bulk materials. In this case meaning groceries, personal care or household products. This doesn’t mean you need or have to have excessive amounts of an item. Many people just keep enough supplies to last until the next sale or they do keep a large stock to help others.

Typically you have one newspaper per person in your family. If you help out at shelters or pantries or even other extended family members you would want one newspaper for each.

So in the case of this weeks awesome sale at Walgreens, they had 5/$5 sale on Caress Bar soap. At time of purchase you would pay $1.00 plus tax, if applicable.  At the close of the transactions you would receive a coupon for another caress soap for $1.50. Which means you can go and get another bar of soap for free plus $.50!  For me, I would buy a bar soap and a $1 item like soup or noodles (filler item) or whatever to use up that $.50. so you would end up with a trans like this:

Dove Caress Deal

1 Caress bar soap

1 soup – $.50- $1.00 ( Filler Item)

total $2. plus tax.

Give your $1.50 coupon for the soap  and pay just tax or $.50 for both items depending on what you use as a ‘filler’ item. Receive back another coupon for anther bar of soap and your receipt. Repeat transaction again with as many soaps the store will allow.

Now for great and awesome deals like this i spread out my purchases. meaning ill go to multiple stores or give a time laps of an errand to run or next day or what ever. to allow someone to grab this great deal themselves. Shelf clearing is not a good thing in the couponing world. though many have different views on this.

When do you want to stock pile?

You compare the coupon policies at the stores you have available to you and that you like to shop at as well as any incentives they offer you to shop there. Finally “match” your coupons to the sales ads and purchase when you find a deal that is at rock bottom.  ‘Stockpile’ when the price is free or close to free (70% off). You purchase in a quantity to last your family until the item can be purchased again at rock bottom. This is tricky because some products like cereal cycle every six weeks however some products like baking goods or BBQ sauce only cycles at rock bottom once a year.

Why have a stock pile?

You need to stockpile the quantity necessary to last your family until the next cycle. Once you are shopping from your stockpile weekly instead of from the grocery store, this is when you are going to see the savings.

Financial layout. 

It takes on average 3 months to build a stockpile. Normally the first month you will see an increase in spending and by the end 2nd and 3rd you will begin to see a savings. By your 4th month you should be saving hundreds of dollars a month!


Now what are you going to buy with your 10-20% set aside, you are going to focus on stocking up on the items that are at there LOWEST price point and try to buy multiples.   For example, if mayonnaise  is a regular item on your shopping list you are going to pay $3-$5 per bottle depending where and when you shop.  Recently an ad  at a local store showed you could get mayo for low as $.49  a bottle after sale and coupons.  So stock up when the price is low, and get 8-10 bottles for the same price you would pay for one bottle that is not on sale.

 How to do this reasonably.

So if your weekly budget is $100.00 then apply $10 of that just to your stockpile.  That way you are still able to provide the basics for your family.  With that $10 use your coupons and match them with the sale items or FREE items of the week.  You now know you do not need to buy pasta, soup or toothpaste for another 2 months (depending on how many you were able to get and your family consumes).

EX: Your $10 before coupons may have only gotten you 2 boxes of pasta, 1 can of soup and a tube of toothpaste……BUT with coupons you may be able to find these items FREE or at a major discount….. so stock up and buy as many as you can for $10

The next week do you repeat the same thing, before long your pantry will be filled with a variety of items that you will not need to buy again, until they are a price you are willing to pay. The longer you do this the less money you will need for your must have items, and be able to apply more to your stock up items making it grow even quicker.

What to buy?

Try to stock up on items that you can create a Menu Plan with.  Even if something is free that does not mean you should bring it into your home.  Purchase items you know your family will eat (but don’t be afraid to try new things either).  Pay attention to what sale or season you are in and take advantage of these seasonal prices.

How many to buy?

Think about how many your family will need before they expire.  Also how much space they will take up in your home.  How good of a deal is it, and will they be on sale again soon.  One of the most important questions is how many does the store have, and is this an appropriate store to stock up at.  Remember not to clear the shelf, or be greedy just cause it is a good deal.If you want to get a lot try and see if your store will order it for you and you can purchase before the coupon expires.

How many coupons do you have?

Remember you can use 1 coupon per item so if you have more coupons than you will be able to get more of that item at the rock bottom price.  Remember P&G coupons will limit you to 4 like items per transaction.   Every families needs are different,  So I do not think you can place a number on how many coupon inserts you should get each week.  But a good number to start out with is 4, and then go from there to fit your families needs.

There is lots to learn so stay tuned!