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Here is your deal:

  • Download the Checkout 51 App using the link provided here!
  • Submit your first receipt and earn $2 in ADDITION to the rebate amount
  • You will earn an additional $1 on the next THREE Rebates you redeem for a total of $5 in BONUS BUCKS!!
  • If you are NOT familiar with Checkout 51, it is a cash back app where you can earn money back for the items you purchase in the grocery store every day!  Save up your bonus bucks and get a fat CHECK in the mail when you are ready to redeem!! AWESOME Right?!


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HUGE Money Making Opportunity For Smart Phone Users! This Is AWESOME! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Cashbackapps

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HELP! A Shopper’s Guide To Helping Couponers Create A Coupon Friendly Environment In EVERY Store! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Newbies #CouponGoals

HELP!! My Store Staff Does NOT Understand Coupons;
A comprehensive guide to working WITH your local store teams in an effort to CREATE and maintain a coupon friendly environment

There have been many occasions where I have heard shoppers express concerns that the local stores that they shop don’t ‘understand’ coupons, or that the store personnel don’t ‘like’ couponers.  Below I have complied a summary of guidelines that are TRIED and TRUE in helping shoppers to create an environment that is enjoyable for both the shopper, and the store!

Be Prepared
Upon entering the store, be prepared, and have a plan. Being prepared and organized shows the store that you respect them, the other customers, and their time. If you intend to purchase in bulk, and supplies are often limited, try to make arrangements in advance. Have your coupons, clipped, counted, organized and ready BEFORE approaching the register. Know and understand your store’s coupon policy, this includes any locally based rules and regulations. Know and understand any necessary coupon language (Need a guide? Get one here: Coupon Lingo)


Choosing your Checkout Location
Remember to follow the checkout guidelines. If you have many items, avoid holding other shoppers up by NOT using the express checkout lane. If you KNOW your store does not allow ad matches at the registers, and you intend to ad match, head to customer service.


At Checkout
CONGRATS you have made it to checkout! Now that you are here, you will see that every checkout experience will probably be a little different. You cannot control how others will respond to you and your coupons, but you can ALWAYS respond you respond. Approaching with, and maintaining a professional, positive attitude is the BEST way to build a positive relationship with your store staff, and have an overall positive checkout experience. Every cashier is different, and many have different approaches to couponing. Try to abide by your cashiers requests, so long as they are reasonable (cashiers may ask to see your coupons in advance, scan as they go, etc.). If you come across confusion on coupon terminology, try to teach in a calm, professional manner.
Many store personnel are confused by ‘per purchase’/ ‘per transaction’. An excellent way to deter this confusion is by showing a P&G coupoon as an example, as these coupons often say, 1 PER PURCHASE, 4 Like Coupons PER DAY (See image below).


Remember, although it may seem frustrating taking valuable time to teach others, being patient now, may save you time and frustration later!
If you and your cashier are still unable to see eye to eye after calm discussion, you may ask to speak to a manager.
Speaking to a Manager
If the situation remains unresolved to the point that you cannot proceed, you may need to request to speak to a manager. At this point, it is imperative that you calmly express your points to the manager. It is not effective to argue, or debate, rather rationally point out facts and openly discuss the policy. This is a GREAT opportunity to show that couponers can be an asset to the store, and that working together can benefit all parties involved.

IF the manager has time, be sure to ask the following questions. If they do NOT Have time, ask if they are willing to arrange a meeting to address your questions. Below are some points of interest to cover during your conversation:
*Does your store have a specific coupon policy (this policy may be MORE or LESS strict than the national policy)?
*May I have a copy of the policy?
*If coupons are limited to xxx amount in a transaction, will your store allow multiple transactions?
*Does your store ad match?
*What is the procedure for doing so?
*What is the range it will match (How many miles out, online, etc)
*IF said store ad matches, it is advisable to bring your local drugstore ad and ask, can you circle which price you ad match?
*How should I proceed in the future if I have difficulty at checkout?
The key to this meeting should be to open a dialogue with the store. Some stores will do incredible things in the name of customer service!! Remember, the key to this meeting is not to ‘win’. BOTH Parties should leave the meeting feeling a little more comfortable with couponing in general!


But WHAT IF my meeting DOESN’T go like that?
Always, Always, ALWAYS follow the chain of command. If after meeting with the store manager, you are unable to come to common ground, you may need to go to the next step, the District manager and request to speak to them. When speaking to the DM, you should apply the same prinicples, be calm, logical and rational. Also be sure to listen to what they are saying in response.
Following the chain of command allows the store to rectify what is not going ‘right’ within the store/stores under their umbrella. It also affords an opportunity to build a very positive relationship with your store team.

What IF…After All of these steps, Couponing at my store is STILL No FUN?!
Unfortunately, there are occasionally situations in which you cannot come to an understanding with the immediate team over the store. In these instances, we recommend following up with corporate either by phone, email, or with a certified letter if the situation warrants.

Ultimately, it is always best to work things out from the ground up. If you give your store the opportunity to resolve an issue independently, it will give YOU the opportunity to build a very positive relation ship overall. You will be always be remembered by the manner in which you conduct yourself, so help to give your fellow couponers a GREAT name by putting your best foot forward, every time you shop!


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A Beginners Guide To Shopping CVS | #CVS #cvscouponing #411oncvs #cvsshoppingguide



Here at WYD (What’s Your Deal) We are commited in making sure our members have the most accurate information and a complete understandiang of couponing. We wanted to put together a helpful guide to Couponing at CVS for those of you that are new to couponing and/or couponing at CVS.

CVS is one of my FAVORITE stores to coupon at. With the great sales, the ECB offers and stacking with coupons, I get A LOT of FREE and Money Maker deals from CVS. Below I will try to help you understand shopping at CVS and getting the most for your money.


Click on any of the below links (they will open in a new tab/window)


  • ECB (Extra Care Buck) – These are earned when you buy certain products throughout the store. They print at the bottom of your receipt and can be used on your next order.
  • CRT – Cash Register Tape
  • Q –  Coupon
  • RC (Raincheck) – You can get a raincheck on items that are on sale but the store is out stock in.
  • OOP (Out of Pocket) – Cash amount you may have to pay after redeeming coupons and ECB’s
  • WYB (When Your Buy)
  • WYS (When Your Spend)
  • MM (Money Maker)
  • MIR (Mail in Rebate)
  • SS (SmartSource Coupon Insert)
  • RP (RedPlum Coupon Insert)
  • P&G (Proctor & Gamble Coupon Insert)
  • Roll ECB’s – Using ECB’s on an item that will give you another ECB


The free CVS loyalty program is called ExtraCare; having an ExtraCare card is the single most important way to save at CVS. With this card you’ll earn Extra Care Bucks Rewards (ECBs), which are equivalent to CVS money. If you aren’t a member, just head over to your local CVS and sign up – you’ll get your ExtraCare card on the spot! Or click here to sign up for the program online. You’ll be able to print out a temporary card to use for two weeks until your card arrives in the mail. Make sure you register your card online, there are many perks that you don’t what to miss out on.

  • Quarterly Rewards

You’ll be earning 2% back from your purchases each quarter, which is given back to you in the form of ECBs, as outlined below.

  • $0 to $24.99 purchase – 0 ECBs
  • $25.00 to $49.99 purchase – $0.50 in ECBs
  • $50.00 to $74.99 purchase – $1.00 in ECBs
  • If you spend $75.00 to $99.99 you’ll earn $1.50 in ECBs

Quarterly Rewards Schedule:

  • January 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from October 1 – December 31.
  • April 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from January 1st – March 31.
  • July 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from April 1st – June 30.
  • October 1st: You’ll receive ECBs for purchases made from July 1st – September 30.

Note: The amount that is used to calculate your ECBs per quarter is what you’ve spent after coupons, not the full price, so if you become a super saving machine at CVS, your quarterly ECBs may be minimal. 

Beauty Club

Sign up for Beauty Club with your ExtraCare card number here.

  • 10% off beauty shopping pass after enrollment
  • $5 ExtraBucks Rewards for every $50 spent on qualifying beauty purchases
  • $3 ExtraBucks rewards on your birthday
  • Exclusive emails with coupons, tips and new product info
  • Prescription Rewards

Earn $5 ECB when you fill 10 prescriptions.

  • You can use the same ExtraCare card. Join Now
  • You must have your ExtraCare card linked to your account to get credit for online activities.
  • Each person who joins can earn up to $50 Pharmacy
    & Health ExtraBucks Rewards each year.
  • Family members sharing an ExtraCare card
    need to sign up individually to earn.
  • Your Pharmacy & Health ExtraBucks Rewards can be used like your other ExtraBucks Rewards on most items
    in the store.
  • Balances reset on January 1 each year.
 Extra Care Coupon Center
The Extracare Coupon Center can be found inside your local CVS store. It also doubles as a price-scanner. Locate the machine at your store and make a habit of scanning your Extracare card every time you shop! In fact, it’s even a good idea to scan your card more than once!  You will receive coupons from the machine just for doing so! Coupons vary by customer and can vary based on your shopping habits.
CVS In-App Coupons
A new way to save at CVS is with In-app coupons. Download the CVS App on your mobile device, create an account or login. Be sure your Extracare account is connected and you’ll receive customized digital coupons that can be used at checkout. You will receive APP Only coupons and you can also choose to have your other ExtraCare Coupons sent to your card instead of having to scan your card at the ExtraCare Coupon Center.
  • Download the CVS app from the App Store for iPhone or Google Play Store for Android phones. Or, text APP to CVSAPP (287277) for a direct link.


  • Make sure you have a CVS ExtraCare Card
  • Check your CVS Ad or WYD’s Coupon Matchups Here, OR see WYD’s CVS Deals Here and make a list of the items you would like to purchase.
  • Check WYD’s database, your CVS ExtraCare App or print coupons here for coupons that go with the items you have on your list.
  • Plan and organize your shopping plan. Make sure you have a backup plan just in case some items are out of stock.
  • Head out to the store and SHOP SHOP SHOP – If you will be doing more than 1 transaction, I have found it best to use either recyclable shopping bags or use their hand baskets placed into my cart to keep each transaction separate.
  • Keep your coupons that you are using (items already in your cart) organized. I use a paperclip and paperclip the ones I am for sure using together.
  • Checkout time
    • Have them scan your CVS ExtraCare Card
    • Hand Coupons in this order:
      • $ off $ (ex. $4/$20, $2/$10)
      • CVS Coupons
      • Manufacture Coupons
      • ECB’s that you are using
  • Get rainchecks for items that were out of stock.
  • After you have paid for your order check over your receipt. Double check everything came off correctly and that you received all your ECBS’s. Its better to know while still in the store than after you get home.

QUESTION & ANSWER!! These are the questions that get asked the most

(Q) How many ECBs can I use per transaction?

(A) As many as you want. However, the register will usually stop accepting them if they will make your subtotal (pre-tax total) negative.

(Q) Do I need to spend $15 if the offer is $5 ECB when I spend $15?

(A) No, MOST CVS stores have a 98% rule. As long as you are within 98% of the amount you would receive the ECB offer.

(Q) Can I use my ECBs on someone else’s card?

(A) NO, All ECB’s are linked to the card they were earned on

(Q) Can I use multiple coupons within a transaction?

(A) Yes, as long as all of the coupons meet their qualifications.
• Two $3 off $15 coupons for purchases that are $30.00 or higher.
• $3 off $15 coupon and $5 ExtraBucks® Rewards for a purchase of $15.
• $1 off toothpaste mfr. coupon and a $2 off toothpaste Coupon Center coupon for a $3 toothpaste item.

***A transaction is defined as the entirety of purchases on a single receipt.

(Q) Can I use multiple coupons on sale items?

(A) Yes, for certain coupons and certain sale items.
• Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) and the customer purchases two shampoos; the customer may use two coupons for $1.00 each and pay the applicable tax.
• Suave shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a mfr. coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.

(Q) Can I have more than one card?

(A) Technically no, you cannot have more than one card to your name with the same address. However, you can have a card for everyone in your household according to customer service. Some managers and other employees (incorrectly) think this is wrong, so they may question you if use multiple cards at their stores.

(Q) Can I buy something for $4 and use a $5 ECB?

(A) You can, but you would lose money. You have to use the full amount of the ECB because you will not get money back.

(Q) What is a “FILLER”

(A) An item added to your order to “use up” any additional ECB amount preventing you from losing some of the money.

ex. You have a $10 ECB, but your total is only $9.25. You would add a cheap filler for $.75 so you don’t lose amount. Candy bars, gum, trial size items all make great fillers.


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What Are Dollar General Digital Coupons….How Can I Get Some And Start Saving TODAY? #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #DGDigitalCoupons

Have you heard the buzz?  Dollar General is ALL about the digital coupons, and shoppers are saving BIG TIME on these!  Dollar General implemented its Digital Coupon program In July of 2014, and although it took some time to refine, business is now BOOMING with shoppers ready to save!  Any shopper is eligible to have a digital coupon account, and you DON’T need a smartphone to join in on the fun!

Here is your deal:

  • Go here to sign up for Digital Coupons: DG Goes Digital
  • Sign up for your VERY OWN Dollar General Digital Coupon Account
  • Before shopping either go onto your account through a computer OR the app on your phone, add any or ALL coupons that you are interested in using
  • When you are ready to checkout, wait for the cashier to hit total, then enter your phone number into the pin pad at the register
  • Watch your savings STACK UP as your total GOES DOWN!
  • Thanks Dollar General! We LOVE Your Digital Coupon Program!



Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Can one household have multiple accounts if there a more than one shopper within the residence?
    Yes! According to the Dollar General site, ‘Each user phone number is unique and will not be linked with other members of your household’
  • How can I tell if a coupon has been used?
    -Once a coupon has been used, if it cannot be used again, it will be removed from your list of available coupons
  • Can I use PAPER Coupons if I am using DIGITAL coupons?
    -YES! you can use both PAPER coupons and DIGITAL Coupons in the same transaction
  • Can I STACK a Manufacturer coupon with a Digital Coupon?
    -Sometimes! Yes! In SOME cases, you CAN Stack coupons!  You can ALWAYS stack a Dollar General Digital Coupon with a Paper Manufacturer Coupon, You CANNOT stack a Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Coupon with a Paper Manufacturer
  • How can I tell WHICH coupons are Dollar General Digital coupon, and Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Coupons
    -Dollar General Digital Coupons will say ‘DG store coupon’ in the upper left hand corner of the coupon, Dollar General Digital Manufacturer Do NOT have that (See example below)
Dollar General Digital Coupon **Note the Upper left hand corner notation**

Dollar General Digital Coupon **Note the Upper left hand corner notation**

Digital coupons are available to anyone with a valid phone number, they are accessible and easy to use!  They are a GREAT opportunity for those that don’t have access to high value printables or paper coupons.  If you HAVEN’T given them a chance yet, NOW is the time!  On behalf of Whatsyourdeal, we are giving a great big THANKS To Dollar General for the AWESOME program they are offering loyal shoppers!



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The Top Ten Couponing Tips The Pros DON’T Want You To Know…EXPOSED! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity


Welcome to the wonderful world of couponing!  We are all wading through, trying to figure it all out, with the same common goals; To save money and provide for our families.  So how is it that some shoppers make it look SO EASY?  What is it that THEY know, that the rest of us don’t? Read on to learn the TOP TEN TRICKS the PROS don’t want you to know!

#1 We shop ALL stores

That’s right, in the world of couponing, there is no store loyalty.  We may SAY we prefer one store over another, but the truth of the matter is, our favorite stores are the ones that offer the best deals….at least for this week!  Learning to shop ALL stores opens shoppers options, and ensures you don’t miss any deals.  Most stores do run similar sales each week, however the most detail oriented shoppers know that there is ALWAYS at least one store that has a better deal than the rest.  While everyone else is running out to clear the shelves at the here-and-now, one stop shops, we are counting up our store rewards, stacking coupons, and searching ads to find out where we can pinch another penny (or TWO) from the final price.


#2 We NEVER Throw Away Coupons

Well, almost never anyhow!  When we get our coupons, we skim through them with a fine tooth comb, and don’t toss any to the side.  The most experienced couponers know, that while WE may not need an item, it could end up being a FREEBIE, or a MONEY MAKER somewhere down the line.  We never pass up a free deal because you never know who may need it!  There are LOTS of couponers that take pride in donating stockpile items, sharing/selling to family and friends, or even trading with fellow couponers.  While YOU may not want those diet suppplements, diapers and denture pastes, you may be shocked at how you can benefit by purchasing them anyways!

#3 No seriously…DON’T Thow Away Those Coupons!

Many couponers take pride in cleaning out those binders at the end of every month, only the pros know that expired coupons take on a life of their own after that expiration date.  Many, MANY stores are now accepting expired coupons for days, a week, even several weeks after they have expired!  What does this mean for the pro’s?  After everyone else has pitched last months coupons, the deals are all there for the taking, with no fear of cleared shelves!

#4 We Practice Balanced Couponing

We understand that NO couponer can get every deal, and some we will miss out on!  We act with dignity and grace in the stores and never throw fits.  We work hard to build relationships with the teams at stores we frequent the most, and work even harder to maintain those relationships.  We leave the stores as neat and tidy as we found them, and remind store employees (through our actions alone) that couponers can be assets to the store’s economy.  Finally, we remember that a compliment can go MUCH further than a complaint and give positive feedback at every opportunity.

#5 We Know No Limits

If we don’t know, we ask…other shoppers, other couponers, sales personnel, store managers and more.  We learn through trial and error and never stop inquiring about the BEST way to stretch our dollars and our coupons.  If we think there is a better way to save, we go for it, we try new things and push saving to the limits at ALL costs (Not out of pocket, however!!)

While the rest of the coupon community is out debating the best use of a coupon we are hitting the stores, scanning our coupons, running ‘field tests’ and more!  We use BOGO coupons with BOGO sales and go home with EVERYTHING for free!  We mix loyalty programs, with store coupons on top of manufacture coupons, and then search for FULL money back on our rebates.  We EVEN go as far as using BOGO coupons with $$/1 coupons whenever we can, store permitting, of course!

#6 We Clean Out The Clearance

Sometimes as a couponer, we need to get down and dirty, and that means more often then not, endless scanning of clearance items, in addition to digging throughbins, buckets and boxes of unshelved mark down item.  Clearance finds can sometimes mean BIG money, if you have the right coupons to pair with them.  We may have more boxes of hair dye than your typical beauty school could go through in a year, but it’s possible that the overage earned from those filled the fridge with groceries for the month!

#7 We Shop for the Holidays AFTER The Holiday

Yes, you read that right! While the rest of the world is cleaning up from the holiday rush, saying good bye to guests and recovering from all of the crazy, we are out shopping the clearance….with our coupons!  Most saavy shoppers shop always ahead instead of at the moment.  Items such as decor, wrapping paper, ribbons, stocking stuffers, basket fillers and other end items are purchased the year before at a fraction of the price, and housed with the rest of the holiday items, until the next years’ festivities.

#8 We NEVER shop ‘Hungry’ or in Need

When we go to the store, we go with a plan, and stick to it! The only exception to this is #6…unexpected clearance finds!  By not shopping ‘hungry’ or in need, you are WAY less likely to splurge on spontaneous purchases, and YES that does include a $2.00 Pepsi in the check out lane after that 45 minute transaction!  When we have a plan, it ensures that we never pay full price for anything….EVER!

#9 We Stock Pile With PRIDE…AND out of necessity!

Oh yes…the dreaded stockpile.  We all know what it is, and most of us DREADED the idea upon coming into the world of couponing.  Some of us SWORE it would never be us, we would NEVER have 112 rolls of toilet paper, 56 bottles of shampoo, 32 tubes of toothpaste and 29 bottles of aspirin, until it was, and we did!  Stock piling is in integral part of couponing, you just can’t have one without the other!  Your stockpile should be a source of sustenance for your family, but also a source of pride for YOU and all of your hard work.  Having a functioning stock pile will help you avoid #8, shopping ‘hungry’ or our of need.  If your stockpile is stocked properly, you should never have to purchase anything out of necessity, or at full price.

#10 We NEVER Buy Just Because

You will never hear a Pro say, I HAVE to use this coupon, or I NEED to buy this before the deal expires.  Why is that? We NEVER buy, just to buy.  Successful couponers always have a plan, and never EVER purchase just because there is a deal.  If it’s not cheap or free, it’s just not for me!


I hope this list helps you to become a better, more thrifty shopper and overall couponer!  The fastest way to improvement is through helping one and other, and staying on track with a budget and a plan.  Happy shopping!


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Some Of the SWEETEST Hauls Are Unexpected! Check Out This MONEY MAKER! #LizzieSavesAlot

This haul was just TOO much fun!! Do you ever go on a trip with little to nothing planned, and then come home with everything but the kitchen sink?  Well, that’s what happened to me today!  Here was my $6.xx haul!

CaptureThis haul consisted of shopping at 3 different stores.  I got a total of 69 items and spent just over $6.00.  I also earned $10.00 in gift cards, so this was actually a money maker for me!

Store #1 Target

  • I bought (4) Azo Products, used (4) $4/1 q’s, %5 Cartwheel and earned (2) $5 gcs
  • I bought (2) M&M’s, used (1) BOGO and (1) Peelie
  • I bought (1) Clearance Band Aid and (1) First Aid Tape, I used (1) $2/2 coupon that I found on a tear pad at Walgreen’s for First Aid Products
  • I bought (1) Nivea Lip Balm on clearance and used a $2/1 q earning $1.00 in overage
  • All together this haul cost me around $8.00, I used $2.00 earned from Shopkick (if you are not currently using Shopkick, sign up here today, it REALLY Pays!!  **Save BIG with ShopKick**) and paid $6.00 in cash

**For more details on the Azo deal, click here *Earn with Azo*


Store #2 Walgreen’s

  • I bought (5) Gatorade and used an in ad coupon making them $.79 each
  • I used (5) $.50/1 coupons making them only $.29 each, then used points to cover the remainder of the balance

**For more information on the Gatorade Deal, click here *Gatorade is CHEAP at Wag’s

Store #3 Walmart

  • I found Bar-S Hotdogs on sale for $.25 each, and bought 40, learn more about this deal here: Bar-S
  • I found Pringles on clearance for $.75 each and bought 15, learn more about this deal here: Pringles
  • I used a gift card earned from Ibotta to pay making my oop for this ZERO!  If you are not currently using Ibotta, sign up here and start today!  I shop for FREE all the time with what I earn from these apps!  **Save BIG with Ibotta**

Thanks for checking out my SUPER Fun…SUPER Spontaneous haul! I had a good time with it and I hope you can score some of these deals as well!!  If you are looking for other ways to save money, here are a few other apps I use and LOVE:

Check here for more FREE coupons!


WAGS: Butterball TURKEY Bacon, $0.94 After COUPON

Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 7.11.31 PMStock up on Butterball Turkey bacon this week at Walgreens. You can keep store these in your freezer until you’re ready to use them. Keep in mind that 1 dozen eggs are only $1.49 this week as well 😀

Here is the breakdown:

  • Buy one, Butterball Turkey Bacon, 6 oz, $1.49
  • Use one, $0.55/1 Butterball Turkey Bacon or Turkey Breakfast Sausage, exp. 8/2/14 (SS 06/29/14 R)

OOP $0.94 each pack!

Starters Guide for Couponing Newbies – How To Use

Mastering Couponing Tools

Are you new to couponing?  Is the ‘lingo’  leaving you lost and alone?  Do you feel like you are in a foreign country when navigating couponing sites?  If so, then this article is for you!

So What’s the Deal with What’s Your Deal?

What’s Your Deal is a website that offers couponing newbies the opportunity to become familiar with couponing, and learn at their own pace.  there are a variety of functions available to help new couponers learn the deals, discover the coupons, and get help from others.  Below each function is outlined and explained in detail.

  1. Home Page On our home page, you will find a list of blogs, these blogs are designed to help the average person break down a deal, so that ANYONE can figure it out.  You can scroll down the list and find a variety of money saving tips, from deals on toys, to propane tanks; there is NO limit to saving money with What’s Your Deal!  While you are checking out the blogs, be sure to check in on the Recent 50 to stay current with the hottest deals!
  2. Couponing Basics Couponing basics covers how to get started.  It offers suggestions on the best methods for organizing coupons, how to get coupons, and where to begin.  All of the advice offered in the section is ‘tried and true’ by others just like you!  Everyone starts somewhere, and Coupoing Basics will point you in the right direction.
  3. Coupon DataBase The coupon database is one of my FAVORITE features of our site!  This feature allows you to search for ANY coupon, whether it be printable, or from the paper.  The database will show you where the coupon came from, when it expires, and any limitations to it.  This is a wonderful resource for making your shopping list, you could actually check every item on your list in a matter of MOMENTS to see if there was a coupon available.  Gone  are the days of pouring through the internet, looking for coupons and where they came from.  An added feature is the list of quick links down the right hand side of the page for all printable coupons sites including Red Plum, Smart Source,, P&G Everyday and more!
  4. How To In the how to section, you will find everything from Store Policies to a couponing lingo guide.  This is a great resource to bookmark and refer back to at ANY time!
  5. Categories On the right hand side of the page, as you scroll down you will find a table of contents.  There you will have one click access to deals specific to one store, coupon memes, matchups, insert previews etc.
  6. Deal Search If there is something I love as much as the database, it is surely the deal search tool.  This tool bar is located just under the Catagories section.  Here, you can enter any product you are looking for and find out What’s The Deal.  Again, this is a great tool to utilize when planning a shopping outing.

Learning to navigate our site will be the best thing you can do for your couponing endeavors. will make couponing quick, simple, and understandable, for even the busiest, newest couponers out there!  Good luck, and remember couponing is all about changing habits, once you start it becomes a way of life.  Let What’s Your Deal help you get there!


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Just the basics

Just the basics please!

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Basic Rules of Couponing

The clearest list of things you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to using coupons.

Don’t use coupons past their expiration date. While it seems like a no-brainer, but still do it whether by intent or just forgetting.

Buy the item(s) specified and the quantity specified. 

Many coupons want you to buy a certain size or variety – so pay attention. If the coupon says 32 oz or larger detergent, don’t head to the counter with the 20 oz bottle.  Most mishaps are an oversight. I just want to spare you and your cashier the hassle at checkout.

Use one manufacturer coupon per purchase. 

If you are buying a jar of pasta sauce, you may use that $0.35-off-1 coupon you have, but please don’t attempt to use two $0.35-off-1 coupons for that same jar. Can’t do it. If you are buying two jars of pasta sauce, you may use both $0.35-off-1 coupons. One UPC scanned per coupon plus a store coupon if available. if you do this then you will need a filler item at some store. (that info will come later)

 Honor the manufacturer’s fine print and/or intentions always!

 Most coupons will state “limit one coupon per purchase.” This could also be stated as: “limit one coupon per item purchased.” Please note that each item is considered a purchase ( two items = two coupons). However, occasionally you will find coupons that read “limit one coupon per transaction” or “limit one coupon per household.” or “per shopping trip” Some of the newer coupons for the diabetic glucose monitors state that they are intended for those living with diabetes ONLY. Always be sure to take a moment to read your coupons to ensure you are following the coupon’s instructions. Because if it beeps. you’ll get the ‘I’m sorry I cant take this” and you say to yourself ” it’s a good coupon whats wrong?” Read the Fine Print.

Do not use a coupon you know or suspect to be fraudulent. 

Unfortunately, fraud does exist in the coupon world. Most of the time, the coupons to be wary about you’d be able to identify with a little common sense. Ex, be skeptical of any ‘FREE’ coupon you could simply print from the Internet. True FREE coupons usually require registration but arrive to you via snail mail. Many times they will have holographic images or something special to help prevent duplication like watermarks serial sequential numbering. Other printable coupons to be leary about: any that have no/sparse “fine print,” no expiration dates, or other high value coupons (such as $7 off toilet paper, etc.).