Coupon Etiquette and Minding our Manners!

Good afternoon couponers!!  Before I begin posting all of this weeks AMAZING deals, I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone of coupon etiquette.  We are all couponers, and we all want the best deals, however we need to remember not to let our excitement over rule our manners!

All of us deal with a variety of different cashiers every day, some are amazing, some (unfortunately) not so much…that being said, as you embark upon your couponing adventures this week, please keep in mind the following regarding your cashiers:

  1.  Accountability Cashiers are held accountable for the decisions they make (i.e. coupons they take, deals they honor) so let’s remember to be nice and patient if they need to double check or ask for approval
  2. Learning Together We ALL make mistakes, stores, cashiers, and yes, even the organized of the organized, us couponers:) With that being said, sometimes even when we think we are right, it is not always the case, so remember to LISTEN, and be willing to LEARN:)
  3. Golden Rule You get farther with honey than vinegar, although this is an old saying, it still rings true today!  Cashiers are supposed to provide customer service, however they do NOT have to tolerate unkind behavior from shoppers, so let’s all remember to play nice and get along!
  4.  Privileges vs. Rights When a store offers you a substitution, it is an option (not required) and they do this as a courtesy to shoppers.  It is not our ‘right’ as couponers to be given a substitution, nor is it our choice what is substituted.  Substitutions are a privilege, and are ALWAYS store brand.
  5. GIVE PRAISE It is very easy to get upset when things do not go ‘our’ way.  I often hear stories of people calling and complaining when situations arise.  Unfortunately I do not hear many stories that go the other direction.  As couponers, let’s try taking shopping in a different direction, and remember to smile and give kind words when appropriate, and be quick to call with praise!

Remember…you never know whose shoes you will have to walk a day in!  Without cashiers, couponing would not be possible!!  Thanks everyone and have a wonderful day!  Happy Couponing!

Bear Meme

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