How do you get all those coupons!!??

Many people ask me ‘ Wow! Where do you get all those?!” Well the answer is simple really. Whether your starting out or at any level of the coupon game. There are lots of places to get coupons from. Sunday edition of your papers, friends and family, local convenience stores, All You magazine is a great source from catalog to internet printables, online at,,, you can get them mailed to you from your favorite companies just for writing in! There are Blinkies these are little machines in your store by the products welcoming you to take a coupon and buy their product. You have peelies which are usually stuck to the package. Catalinas that spit out at the close of your transaction. And finally you have your store coupons!! Awh, I love store coupons. If your store allows you to use a store coupon with a manufacture coupon that is called stacking and you save tons more!!


P&G Coupons ONLINE – Free Sign up

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Here is the photo again 🙂  LOL

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