HOLY SMOKES! Coupon Mom Attacked For Holding Up The Line!


Via Megan Wilson

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Anyone who has couponed any length time knows the looks and complaints that can come from those who think you shouldn’t be “holding up the line”. But attacked??? Well it happened to one mom!!

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — On Friday just before midnight Megan Wilson says she was trying to get rid of some coupons before they expired, when she got far more than she bargained for.

“He grabbed my bun pulled me back and smashed me into my cart. When I came to I was on the ground and my leg was under the cart,” said  Wilson.

“He started shouting ‘Come on, there’s other people out here. Nobody has time for this,'” added Wilson.

She said he got upset that she was holding up the line. She told WREG she went back and forth with the man before things got physical.

She posted a video on Facebook detailing the alleged attack.

She claimed her shopping cart was knocked over during the violent check out melt down. Wilson said the man took off out the door leaving his items behind.

WREG reached out to Kroger. In a statement they said they are saddened by the incident.

Kroger said it will work with police to resolve the situation between the two customers. Wilson believes all of it could have been avoided.

“15-20 minutes of harassment before the attack. It could have been prevented,” said Wilson.

At first he voiced his frustration saying things like “You’re wasting everybody’s time…Nobody has time for this!” Wilson said she tried to be polite, suggesting that he use the self-checkout lane if it was bothering him to wait.

But she said he refused and his annoyance grew to anger and he began to verbally harass her, calling her a “junkie” and a “crackhead.” A verbal altercation between her and the man ensued.

After Wilson finished her three transactions, the man came and stood right next to her. According to Wilson, she “accidentally bumped her arm on the credit card machine as she turned to go and spilled her drink on him.”

Original story here Thanks KKL

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Couponers Beware! Is It Time To STOCK UP, Or WISE Up? Rumors Are Circulating That Dr. Pepper Will Be Discontinued! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #CouponsInTheNews

Calling all Dr. Pepper Drinkers!  Have you seen the latest information circulating on Facebook?  There is a ‘report’ going around stating that Dr. Pepper has been sold to Coca-Cola, and will be discontinued Summer of 2016.  The news report is causing heated debate and strong emotion all across social media sites, but is it the real deal?



This blogger says no way!  This article is screaming social media hoax from all angles.  Dr. Pepper was created in the early 1880’s and first served in 1885, that makes this fizzy favorite over 131 years old (one of the FEW favorable facts in this online hoax).  Fortunately for fans all over the wold (It now sells in Europe, Asia,Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America) Dr. Pepper is here to stay.  According to Snopes, this is an internet myth that is NOT true.  This social media scandal erupted early April and is just beginning to gain some speed.  Dr. Pepper is, and will continue to be owned by Dr Pepper Snapple Group, at least for right now!  There have been no formal announcements from the manufacturer to discontinue the line.

For Dr.Pepper loving couponers all over the world, there is no reason to run to the store and stock pile like there is (literally) no tomorrow…Unless of course you know of a deal, and in that case, by all means!

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Coupon Seller’ Sentenced to 2 Years Behind Bars – Is It Illegal to Sell Coupons?




Sentenced to 2 years for selling coupons?

Well sort of.

When I first read this story I thought to myself, selling coupons can lead me in jail? After reading the article I found out that these men WERE selling the coupons, but that IS NOT what landed them in jail.

They were actually STEALING bundles of inserts from the distribution center!!

So NO, selling the actual coupons ISN”T illegal, but stealing them and selling them is.

Read the Story yourself: 

Have you ever seen some coupon insert sellers’ social media photos, showing their “suppliers” with stacks and stacks of newspaper coupon inserts, and wondered where they got them all? Well, police in Spartanburg, South Carolina say they know where some local insert sellers got them – from a couple of men who’ve now been convicted of brazenly walking right into a newspaper distribution facility and stealing coupons by the bundle.

33-year-old David Griffin and 43-year-old Charles Tucker each have pleaded guilty to third-degree burglary. The two were arrested on April 26th of last year, after they were caught in the act of stealing coupon inserts from the Spartanburg Herald-Journal’s newspaper distribution center.

Police began investigating a week earlier, after newspaper staff called to report that their coupons were being stolen. Early on a Sunday morning, they watched as a man believed to be Griffin entered the building through the loading dock. Surveillance video showed him making his way through the building – into the lobby, down an elevator, into the printing press area, down a stairway and into the room containing shrink-wrapped pallets of coupon inserts. Then he was seen opening a back door and letting a man believed to be Tucker inside.

Both men “walked around looking at multiple stacks of papers and coupons,” the police report said. One cut open a package of inserts, and another was later seen walking out with a black trash bag full of coupons.

Police returned the following Sunday and saw the same two men enter the building. “They surveyed the coupons,” the police report stated, then one man “cut the plastic wrap from one of the coupon pallets. He then grabbed a plastic bag and filled it with coupons.”

Both men were arrested on the spot. And police thought the case was closed – until things got more interesting.

Investigators saw a car pull up to the back of the building, turn around and take off. Police caught up to the vehicle, and questioned the driver, Lea Bishop. They ultimately learned that she and her husband Jacob were allegedly obtaining the coupon inserts from Griffin and Tucker, and selling them online. According to the police report, a subsequent search of the Bishops’ home turned up “numerous items on shelves (laundry soap, toothpaste and a lot of toiletries),” “large black plastic bags full of coupons” and “coupons all over the living room.”

The Bishops were arrested and charged as accessories to burglary and larceny. Their cases are still making their way through the court system. But Griffin was sentenced last Thursday to two years behind bars, and Tucker received a three-year suspended sentence upon the service of 18 months in home detention, plus 40 hours of public service.

Coupon insert sellers like to point out that selling coupons is not illegal. And technically, they’re right. Coupon publishers may prefer that you don’t, but if you buy 20 Sunday newspapers, there’s nothing stopping you from selling the 20 sets of coupon inserts that are inside.

It can be difficult to make a profit that way, though. Many coupon sellers find it much more effective to skip the newspaper-buying part altogether, and obtain their inserts by the pallet directly from people like Griffin and Tucker instead. And since coupon inserts are only authorized to be distributed via mail or inside newspapers, obtaining them any other way usually does end up crossing the line into illegality.

So selling coupons may not be illegal. But stealing them is. And so is receiving stolen property. That’s what Lea and Jacob Bishop may be about to find out – and what Griffin and Tucker already have.


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WOAH! Coupon Use At Walmart Could Land You In JAIL….FACT….Or FICTION? #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #CouponNews


Have you ever seen on Facebook, someone saying, ‘You can’t do that! It’s Fraud…Or MISUSE! You will GO TO JAIL.’ Those words send ripples of fear and concern through many shoppers even to the extent of preventing them from shopping with coupons or ad matches altogether.  So is it TRUE that simply misinterpreting a coupon can cause shoppers to be slapped with fraud charges and shipped off to jail? According to some naysayers on Facebook, all it takes is one small slip up- but as far as MY research has taken me, it is not that simple.

A leak on social media that peaked my interest started my hunt.  Early today a news report came out on the Daily NonPareil causing speculation across Facebook.  The article cited Keisha Kephart, 24 of Council Bluffs as having allegedly stolen  between $2,000-$4,000 worth of household and consumer goods from the local Walmart store in which she worked.  The alleged theft took place on multiple occasions from August 1st 2015 to the present date.

Photo Credit To: nonpareilonline.com

Photo Credit To: nonpareilonline.com

According to a statement made by Council Bluffs Police Sgt. Dave Dawson, the Walmart security team was contacted on Monday 1/18/16 due to Kephart allowing friends to come through her lane to purchase reduced and free items [We speculate this was allegedly, without ads to back up the lowest prices, or coupons to generate the discount]. According to our inside source, one friend, Jeri Lea Atilano has been charged with three counts (Ongoing criminal conduct, Theft, and Conspiracy, Iowa Arrests) that are allegedly related to the charges brought on  Kephart. There is also speculation that additional individuals may also be charged with related crimes, although that has not yet been confirmed.

In my search for information on this crime, I stumbled upon several others, similar in nature.  What I DID NOT stumble upon was articles of shoppers, jailed for using coupons or simply price matching active ads in stores. This just further substantiates what we here at Whats Your Deal have always believed; Shoppers don’t get arrested for using coupons or price matching current ads.  All of the cases we have seen to date involve criminals manufacturing coupons, or involving a store employee in swindling the store through improper use of coupons, discounts and/or ad matching.

What does this mean for us? Shop on shoppers! Manufacturers WANT you to use the coupons they supply, they WANT you to save money and try their products, and finally, they WANT you to share how awesome their products, coupons, and savings are!  If you are shopping with coupons to save money and using accurate current [live] ads to support your price matches,  then you are right on track!

Stay tuned to Whatsyourdeal as we continue to bring you breaking news and updates on ALL that is important to you, in the Coupon Community!


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Woah Kmart Shoppers Rue The Potential Loss Of Double Coupons…And Possibly MORE! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Kmart

Today is a sad day for Kmart shoppers…a news leak today released information regarding Kmart’s ever popular Double Coupon Events possibly coming to an end as soon as February, according to MyPersonalShopper.  While this has not been confirmed by Kmart yet, shoppers are already beginning to turn their backs on Kmart citing reasons such as ‘high prices’ and difficulties with couponing, points redemption and more.

Double coupon meme


Double coupons have been the heart of Kmart marketing for a long time in the Coupon Community, however there have been promising leads on other potential promotions.  Recently Kmart brought back the infamous ‘Blue Light Specials’ that were so popular in the early 90’s and touted them throughout the holiday season.  Customers have also seen changes in the points system and the way they are applied recently, and there could be more to come.  Not all changes have been embraced by shoppers, but Kmart appears to be trying, as rumors are circulating already that they may be offering bonus points and special sales for SYW members  in place of the doubles events.

In addition to the dashing of doubles, Kmart may ALSO do away with a points practice that saavy shoppers have come to love.  Points back coupons may become a thing of the past for SYW members.  It is not clear if these will be gone altogether, but it is possible that Kmart will no longer allow shoppers to use these to earn points on a purchase that they pay for with points.  Surprise points may also roll out some changes in that you will no longer be able to have surprise points re-added to your account on a returned item, however a product exchange will still be available.

Whatsyourdeal would like to thank MyPersonalShopper and their inside source for keeping us up to date on potential changes within Kmart.  While these changes have not been confirmed by Kmart yet, we will be patiently waiting to hear, and crossing our fingers for JUST…ONE…MORE…ROUND…Of….DOUBLES!

kmart double coupon
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EOS Under Fire…First Claims Of Mold And NOW A Pending Lawsuit…Will YOU Be Affected? #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity

Calling all EOS couponers!  Searching for a hot deal may NOT be at the top of your priority list after reading this article!  According to TMZ, the future may not look so bright for EOS, (otherwise know as Evolution of Smooth)!  Mark Geragos, criminal defense lawyer (who has represented big names in the past such as Winona Ryder, Michael Jackson and Chris Brown) filed a Class action lawsuit yesterday (1/12/16) on behalf of Rachael Cronin, and ‘All Others Similarly Situated’ according to Scribd.

The suit alleges the lip balm causes reactions such as rashes, bleeding, blistering, cracking and even loss of pigmentation. Cronin claims that the damage caused by the balm lasted a total of ten days!  These claims are surprising to many, as EOS products are  marketed as primarily natural and organic.

Photo Credit to TMZ

Photo Credit to TMZ

The suit claims a number of violations including:

  • Violations of Consumer LegalRemedies Act
  • Violations of Unfair BusinessPractices Act
  • Breach of Express Warranty
  • Breach of Implied Warranty
  • Unjust Enrichment
  • Fraud, specifically, Intentional Misrepresentation and Concealment of Fact
  • Injunctive Relief

This brand became popular following a frenzy of attention on social media by some very BIG names, including Kim Kardashian, Brittney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Hillary Duff just to name a few.  The site seems to have no trouble spreading the word about the celebs that use the product, you can even find a link boasting this on the EOS site.  What they have NOT done is publically respond to this class action lawsuit, despite efforts made by TMZ to contact them.

This is not the first time the EOS has found itself in the ‘hot seat’.  According to Snopes , in 2013, photos began circulating the internet claiming that the popular lip balm had ‘black mold’ growing within.  EOS  responded to this with a simple explanation to one user, ‘Thank you  for your email. We’re so sorry to see that! We do very occasionally hear of this. Mold will grow on many surfaces, especially warm and moist places and on products with natural ingredients. The best way to prevent this is to try to not get the lip balm itself wet when applying it (apply to dry lips) and/or let any moisture that’s on the lip balm dry before you put the top back on.’  For some, that may have been explanation enough, but for others, this, in addition to the new claims may be enough to turn them off of EOS altogether.

Stay tuned as we bring you updates on this case, and in the meantime, you may want to hold off on searching for the next best EOS deal and stick to Carmex for awhile!

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Chicagoans! Are You Ready? Target Wants To Help You Kick Back, Relax, And Shop With A DRINK!? Yes…On The Rocks That Is! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity

Wait a minute…did I just read that correctly?  According to Redbookmag we COULD be taking our nightlife to Target very soon!  Recently the new store ‘Targeted’ to open in Streeterville applied for not one but TWO liquor licenses.  They applied for ONE license to sell bottled liquor within the store and ONE license to serve drinks.  YES-that is the plan!  One day in your very near future, you may be able to drop the kids off at school, hop in the car and head off to Target for milk, bread, cheese, and a Cosmo!



While it is not yet confirmed whether or not the liquor licences were approved, there has been much speculation as to what would make Target, the well know family oriented retailer, go this direction.  Some argue that they are just attempting to offer a wider variety of services for their customers, or that it is another effort to stay competitive with other retailers, while others still think it is simply a ploy to get buzzed customers to spend more in store.    Whatever their motivation, Target shoppers everywhere are asking, how long until it comes to MY Target, and, will there FINALLY be cup holders on the carts?  Until then, I guess we shall see!


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How Far Would YOU Go To Get The Deal?



We all have had our share of cashier moments. When the coupons won’t scan right or they just don’t like couponers so you have to fight to get your hard earned deal. After all you put in hours planning and shopping and you NEED that last bottle of Tide right? Maybe you have even called corporate because they store has been down right rude. But would you pull you gun ? Would you play desperado?

I don’t think I would go that far 🙂 BUT this lady did and it landed her in trouble. You can real how this woman reacted when Walmart wouldn’t take her $1 printable. But the story leaves us wondering… What WAS she buying?

Florida Woman Pulls Gun

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Fighting Over Family Dollar…Who will be the Victor, and HOW will this affect us?!

WOW!!  Wasn’t it just last week that Dollar Tree ‘buying out’ Family Dollar was ALL over the news?  Well now the tides have changed, and it looks like Dollar General has placed itself in the running!  It is Dollar vs. Dollar vs. Dollar!!

Family Dollar

Following a proposal from Dollar Tree to buy out the chain store Family Dollar for a whopping $8.5 BILLION DOLLARS, Dollar General got involved and placed a bid for $8.95.  The Dollar General proposal came shortly after discovering that Family Dollar had entered into a merger agreement with Dollar Tree.  Did Dollar General act fast enough, or will Dollar Tree have the last word on this MASSIVE merger?  At this point, only time will tell!

How will this affect the couponing world?  It will depend greatly on who obtains the Family Dollar chain.  According to an article in couponsinthenews, if Dollar Tree takes over, it will continue to run the businesses separately, much like they are run now.  However, should Dollar General take over, they have not commented on how things will run, only that they intend to remodel the inside of each location, to mirror the way DG stores look.  Both stores (DG and DT) intend to close many locations to prevent overcrowding after the merger.

Right now, for Dollar Stores in general, only one thing is for sure, and that is: This is one battle that could rock the Dollar store business for good.  Is there enough room everyone in this equation, or will more than ONE Dollar Store chain be seeing there way OUT of the retail business at the end of this merger?


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