HELP! A Shopper’s Guide To Helping Couponers Create A Coupon Friendly Environment In EVERY Store! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Newbies #CouponGoals

HELP!! My Store Staff Does NOT Understand Coupons;
A comprehensive guide to working WITH your local store teams in an effort to CREATE and maintain a coupon friendly environment

There have been many occasions where I have heard shoppers express concerns that the local stores that they shop don’t ‘understand’ coupons, or that the store personnel don’t ‘like’ couponers.  Below I have complied a summary of guidelines that are TRIED and TRUE in helping shoppers to create an environment that is enjoyable for both the shopper, and the store!

Be Prepared
Upon entering the store, be prepared, and have a plan. Being prepared and organized shows the store that you respect them, the other customers, and their time. If you intend to purchase in bulk, and supplies are often limited, try to make arrangements in advance. Have your coupons, clipped, counted, organized and ready BEFORE approaching the register. Know and understand your store’s coupon policy, this includes any locally based rules and regulations. Know and understand any necessary coupon language (Need a guide? Get one here: Coupon Lingo)


Choosing your Checkout Location
Remember to follow the checkout guidelines. If you have many items, avoid holding other shoppers up by NOT using the express checkout lane. If you KNOW your store does not allow ad matches at the registers, and you intend to ad match, head to customer service.


At Checkout
CONGRATS you have made it to checkout! Now that you are here, you will see that every checkout experience will probably be a little different. You cannot control how others will respond to you and your coupons, but you can ALWAYS respond you respond. Approaching with, and maintaining a professional, positive attitude is the BEST way to build a positive relationship with your store staff, and have an overall positive checkout experience. Every cashier is different, and many have different approaches to couponing. Try to abide by your cashiers requests, so long as they are reasonable (cashiers may ask to see your coupons in advance, scan as they go, etc.). If you come across confusion on coupon terminology, try to teach in a calm, professional manner.
Many store personnel are confused by ‘per purchase’/ ‘per transaction’. An excellent way to deter this confusion is by showing a P&G coupoon as an example, as these coupons often say, 1 PER PURCHASE, 4 Like Coupons PER DAY (See image below).


Remember, although it may seem frustrating taking valuable time to teach others, being patient now, may save you time and frustration later!
If you and your cashier are still unable to see eye to eye after calm discussion, you may ask to speak to a manager.
Speaking to a Manager
If the situation remains unresolved to the point that you cannot proceed, you may need to request to speak to a manager. At this point, it is imperative that you calmly express your points to the manager. It is not effective to argue, or debate, rather rationally point out facts and openly discuss the policy. This is a GREAT opportunity to show that couponers can be an asset to the store, and that working together can benefit all parties involved.

IF the manager has time, be sure to ask the following questions. If they do NOT Have time, ask if they are willing to arrange a meeting to address your questions. Below are some points of interest to cover during your conversation:
*Does your store have a specific coupon policy (this policy may be MORE or LESS strict than the national policy)?
*May I have a copy of the policy?
*If coupons are limited to xxx amount in a transaction, will your store allow multiple transactions?
*Does your store ad match?
*What is the procedure for doing so?
*What is the range it will match (How many miles out, online, etc)
*IF said store ad matches, it is advisable to bring your local drugstore ad and ask, can you circle which price you ad match?
*How should I proceed in the future if I have difficulty at checkout?
The key to this meeting should be to open a dialogue with the store. Some stores will do incredible things in the name of customer service!! Remember, the key to this meeting is not to ‘win’. BOTH Parties should leave the meeting feeling a little more comfortable with couponing in general!


But WHAT IF my meeting DOESN’T go like that?
Always, Always, ALWAYS follow the chain of command. If after meeting with the store manager, you are unable to come to common ground, you may need to go to the next step, the District manager and request to speak to them. When speaking to the DM, you should apply the same prinicples, be calm, logical and rational. Also be sure to listen to what they are saying in response.
Following the chain of command allows the store to rectify what is not going ‘right’ within the store/stores under their umbrella. It also affords an opportunity to build a very positive relationship with your store team.

What IF…After All of these steps, Couponing at my store is STILL No FUN?!
Unfortunately, there are occasionally situations in which you cannot come to an understanding with the immediate team over the store. In these instances, we recommend following up with corporate either by phone, email, or with a certified letter if the situation warrants.

Ultimately, it is always best to work things out from the ground up. If you give your store the opportunity to resolve an issue independently, it will give YOU the opportunity to build a very positive relation ship overall. You will be always be remembered by the manner in which you conduct yourself, so help to give your fellow couponers a GREAT name by putting your best foot forward, every time you shop!


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HELP! How Can I Tell If A Coupon Link Is SAFE To CLICK? #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #SayNoToSpam

Do you ever see posts in Facebook groups and think to yourself, well THAT looks too good to be true!  If you are just breaking into the wonderful world of couponing, MANY of the deals that you see may appear to you to be unobtainable, or unrealistic, which is how some people describe SPAM links (If it LOOKS to good to be true…).

As couponers, we are bombarded daily with FREE $100 WALMART GIFT CARDS, LOOK AT ALL OF THE GROCERIES I Got For FREE, and more!  It is easy to sort out the naked and profane images as junk, but how do smart shoppers determine what links are safe to click, from those that could potentially jeopardize your Facebook account?

There are several steps that you can take to prevent yourself from clicking coupon related SPAM.  If you are looking for coupon deals, follow a Blog specifically, or a reputable site.  While these (reputable) sites will post links, you can rest assured that they are safe to click. DON’T just click anything that you see on Facebook.  If you are in a group, be especially cautious as some groups are not regulated and members are free to post anything.

Here is an EASY way, for even the most Tech-UN savvy clickers to stay safe:
Look in the lower left hand corner of the link, if you see a name that you are familiar with, such as the name of a familiar website, or blog, then you can consider it a safe link.  If what you see does NOT look familiar, you may be looking at SPAM.




The above image of Sharpies is an example of fast spreading SPAM on Facebook from several months ago.  If you look at the lower left hand corner, you can see that this is NOT a familiar site or page.




Above image is a blog post for a coupon deal that readers can follow.  You can tell that this is a SAFE link to click because it says in the lower left hand corner.

Another way to help shield yourself from Facebook SPAM is by maintaining membership in Facebook groups that do not allow Links to be shared.  This helps all members, including those that were not aware that they were spreading potentially dangerous SPAM, and did so, unintentionally.  If you are interested in finding some of these groups, here is a list of some that we promote: Couponing On Facebook 

Finally, when in doubt, sleuth it out!  There are MANY times that I think a deal may be to good to be true.  If that is the case, I simply Google it, prior to clicking the link.  If it is a well know SPAM link, warnings will pop up almost immediately, and I report it as such.  There is no reason that SPAM should dictate your life on Facebook.  Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from scoring some pretty incredible deals! Learn the facts and keep yourself educated-DON’T let SPAM get the last word!

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