COUPON POLICING RULE #1: Store Policy – A Meme

rule1 Store Policy


If you got a little laugh out of this, you might have been seeing some of the same things I have this past week.  People arguing about a store managers decision because it was MORE LENIENT than the corporate policy.  Now, isnt that just plain crazy?   Guess what, STORE MANAGER trumps random facebook coupon police EVERY TIME!   This is my personal mission for  a balanced couponing world!


Couponers Etiquette: Vinegar or Honey – A Couponing Meme

Bear Meme


This Meme was inspired by an article our very own Liz Pagel wrote about couponers Etiquette.

COUPON WAY – Couponing Meme by Amy Workman

couponway by Amy workman


HAHA! Amy! Amy submitted this quote for our Meme contest in Coupon Mom Facebook group!

GOT MILK? – A Couponing MEME by Maddy Delacruz

nomilk Maddy DelacruzHahaa! Oh this has happened to ALL of us at one time or another.   FUNNY!!

This quote was submitted by Maddy Delacruz to our MEME contest in our Coupon Mom group on Facebook.

MOTHER DAUGHER CONVO – Couponing Meme by Jaime Guerrero

motherstore Jaime Guerrero HA! When the passion wears off the kids dont want to go with you to the store.   LOL haha!  The evolution of a COUPONING MOM!

This quote was submitted by Jaime Guerrero  in our COUPON MOM Group on Facebook

COUPON FIRE – A Meme by Mayra Mauricio

firecoupon Mayra MauricioOH WOW! now What would YOU DO?

This was a quote submitted by  Mayra Mauricio for our contest in the COUPON MOM facebook group

COUPON SNOB – A Meme by Zenobia James

Coupon Snob a meme by Zenobia JamesHAHA! Yes, this transition happens to all of us a some point. When we start couponing, we are excited to save 50%… then the bar is raised to 75%.  Once our stockpile is well stocked, we turn into complete snobs! If its not free or close to it, it isnt even worth the gas to get to the store! LOL!!  great MEME!

Zenobia James Submitted this quote into our MEME Contest in our Facebook Group COUPON MOM

42 CENTS – A Couponing Meme by Sandra Areli

42cent coupon meme by  Sandra Areli[email protected] We have all been at the register owing less than a $1… and what? NO CHANGE?  No Dollar, do you CHARGE IT? or keep digging in your purse!  LOL.

Sandra Areli entered this quote into our Meme contest in Coupon Mom Facebook group .

COUPONING TO COLLEGE – Couponing Meme by Sandra Areli

collegemoney couponing meme by Sandra Areli This is great! Sandra Areli entered this quote into our Meme contest in COUPON MOM Facebook Group! Join us and JOIN THE FUN!

NO COUPON – NO CANDY – Couponing Meme by Zenobia James

nocoupon no candy meme by Zenobia James

HA! We can all relate to this one!!  Zenobia James entered this quote into our drawing in our facebook group Coupon Mom.