Couponers Etiquette: Vinegar or Honey – A Couponing Meme

Bear Meme


This Meme was inspired by an article our very own Liz Pagel wrote about couponers Etiquette.

GOT MILK? – A Couponing MEME by Maddy Delacruz

nomilk Maddy DelacruzHahaa! Oh this has happened to ALL of us at one time or another.   FUNNY!!

This quote was submitted by Maddy Delacruz to our MEME contest in our Coupon Mom group on Facebook.

COUPON FIRE – A Meme by Mayra Mauricio

firecoupon Mayra MauricioOH WOW! now What would YOU DO?

This was a quote submitted by  Mayra Mauricio for our contest in the COUPON MOM facebook group

COUPONING TO COLLEGE – Couponing Meme by Sandra Areli

collegemoney couponing meme by Sandra Areli This is great! Sandra Areli entered this quote into our Meme contest in COUPON MOM Facebook Group! Join us and JOIN THE FUN!

COUPONING Best Friend – Meme by Melissa Adams

couponingBestFriend Melissa Adams

Melissa Adams wrote this quote in one of our facebook groups, and I  know EXACTLY how your feel Melissa!  Great quote and our new best besties!!