2/4 Is LAST Day to Make a Claim!! Aveeno Class Action Settlement – Get up to $50 with NO RECEIPT OR More if You Have Proof



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Aveeno Class Action Settlement – Get up to $50 with NO RECEIPT OR More if You Have Proof



If you purchased select Aveeno Active Naturals products between 5/7/07 and 6/13/17, you may be entitled to a free cash settlement check. You have until 2/4/18 to make your claim.

Eligible class members will receive $2.50 for each purchase on up to twenty item without proof of purchase. If you do have proof of purchase, you are not capped on how many items for which they will pay you. Only one claim per household, so get it right the first time.

Go Here –>>>Aveeno Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

List of Included Products

Keep in mind that these often take months or years to pay out; however, they are worth the time. You will probably even forget that you requested your check by the time it arrives, so it may end up being a very pleasant surprise some day in the future

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OH NO!!! HATCHIMALS Class Action Lawsuit – Read About It Here & Share With Family/Friends

Did you snag one of these HOT HOT toys of 2016? This toy was a HUGE hit this past Holiday Season, many retailers sold out of and people were selling it at outrageous prices. Well now it looks like we have a class action lawsuit on them. Find out all the details here. Share this will all your friends/family that may have bought this toy.


Continue to follow along for more information and how you can file a claim

Spin Master Corp. engaged in a bait and switch marketing scheme to convince parents and children that the Hatchimals interactive stuffed animal was the “it” gift of the 2016 Christmas season, according to a class action lawsuit filed last week in California federal court.

“Christmas is a time for family, religion, and for millions of eager children around the world, a time for presents,” plaintiff Jodie Hejduk says in the Hatchimals class action lawsuit. “Across the world, corporations and manufacturers clamor to produce the ‘it’ gift item of the season.”

Corporations that are successful in developing, manufacturing, producing and selling the season’s “it” gift often experience “a Christmas miracle in the form of millions, or potentially billions, of dollars,” the Hatchimals class action lawsuit states.

Hatchimals were reportedly highly coveted by children over the 2016 holiday season. The interactive stuffed animal is meant to “hatch” out of the colorful egg in which they are sold, bringing joy to children who are excited to find out what is inside.

According to the Hatchimals class action lawsuit, Spin Master launched the Hatchimals toy in October, providing plenty of time to generate consumer excitement before the holiday season. By November, the toys were sold out in many locations, leading to a black market for Hatchimals.

The toys were sold at a retail price of $50 to $60, but Hatchimals on the black market were selling for around $350, the Hatchimals class action lawsuit alleges.

Hejduk claims Spin Master engaged in a “brilliant” marketing campaign when it launched the Hatchimals toy. However, despite the toy company’s representations, many of the Hatchimals stuffed animals failed to “hatch” out of their eggs, which is one of the toy’s primary draws.

The false advertising class action lawsuit states that the Hatchimal’s packaging, instructions and the company website all indicate that it will take a total of up to 20 to 25 minutes for a Hatchimal to hatch out of the egg.

The Hatchimals class action lawsuit points to numerous online complaints from consumers who claim their Hatchimal failed to hatch despite following the instructions. At least one consumer reported breaking the shell to extract the Hatchimal, only to find that the batteries contained inside were dead. Once the batteries were replaced, the toy functioned as advertised, but the child was deprived of the anticipated “hatching” experience.

Hejduk says Spin Master took a “few token remedial measures” to address the issue, but they were ineffective. She says the company should have either volunteered to recall the product or offer reimbursements to consumers who purchased the defective Hatchimals product.

“This action is brought on behalf of millions throughout this country—for the dutiful parents who waited hours and days outside retail stores, the children who cried tears of joy upon unwrapping their very own Hatchimal, and the American consumer who places faith and trust that they are purchasing products that work for those they love the most,” the Hatchimals class action lawsuit says.

The Hatchimals class action lawsuit asserts violations of the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act, Unfair Competition Law and False Advertising Law. It also brings claims for unjust enrichment, breach of express warranty and injunctive relief.

Hejduk is represented by Mark J. Geragos, Ben J. Meiselas and Eric Y. Hahn of Geragos & Geragos APC and Lori G. Feldman, Andrea Clisura, Courtney E. Maccarone and Justin G. Sherman of Levi & Korinsky LLP.

The Hatchimals Class Action Lawsuit is Jodie Hejduk v. Spin Master Corp., et al., Case No. 1:17-cv-00093, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.


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NEWS ALERT!! Seventh Generation Natural Products Class Action Settlement


If you are one of many, many people who have bought Seventh Generation Natural products you may eceive a payment. it seems they may not be all they are saying they are!

 Seventh Generation has agreed to pay $4.5 million to settle allegations it deceptively marketed and labeled many of its cleaning and personal care products as “natural,” “non-toxic” and “hypoallergenic” even though they contain non-natural ingredients, according to court documents filed July 1 in New York federal court.

The Seventh Generation class action lawsuit was initially filed in New York on Nov. 14, 2014 by plaintiff Tziva Rapoport-Hecht.

On Jan. 14, 2015, plaintiffs Maggie Tsan and Erica Wildstein filed a similar class action lawsuit against Seventh Generation on behalf of consumers throughout the United States who purchased the allegedly deceptively labeled products.

The proposed deceptive labeling settlement will resolve both class action lawsuits if it is approved.

The plaintiffs claim that Seventh Generation improperly used the term “natural” on its product labels even though they contain the antimicrobial preservatives methylisothiazolinone and benzisothiazolinone, which are synthetic ingredients.

By filing the Seventh Generation class action lawsuits, the plaintiffs sought to have the natural products company remedy its allegedly deceptive marketing and labeling of its products and compensate Class Members who purchased the allegedly mislabeled products.

Seventh Generation attempted to dismiss the deceptive labeling class action lawsuits but its attempts were unsuccessful. The settlement documents indicate that negotiations took place over the course of more than a year. The company subsequently agreed to pay $4.5 million to settle natural products class action settlement.

Under the terms of the proposed deceptive marketing class action lawsuit, Seventh Generation has agreed to remove the “All Natural” and “100% Natural” claims. It will also add clarifications about the non-toxic and hypoallergenic claims. Seventh Generation will also provide compensation to eligible claimants.

The plaintiffs seek to certify a Class that consists of all purchasers nationwide who bought allegedly mislabeled Seventh Generation products.

Although the settlement documents do not currently indicate which products will be eligible for benefits, Rapoport-Hecht’s class action lawsuit named the following five products as being allegedly mislabeled: Natural Laundry Detergent, Natural 4X Concentrated Laundry Detergent, Ultra Power Plus Natural Laundry Detergent, Natural Dish Liquid and Ultra Power Plus Natural Dish Liquid.

If the proposed Seventh Generation class action settlement is approved, Class Members who can provide a proof of purchase will be entitled to recover the full value of their purchases. Class Members without proof of purchase may receive a payment of half the value of their claimed purchases.

Follow the settlement here

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Family Dollar Cash Settlement -No Proof Required!!! Did This Happen To You?

FD_class action

Are you one of those who recieved a spam text from Family Dollar from Oct. 16, 2013 through Mar. 7, 2016?

If so you can get a FREE $45 cash payment and a $30 Family Dollar gift card. Members may also receive up to $300 in cash and a Family Dollar gift card of $200.

NO PROOF REQUIRED! Submit a Claim Form HERE.

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