Suave body wash for $0.69 a bottle from 01/22/2017 through 01/28/2017 at Walgreen’s

I love body wash and especially when it is cheap !!!


It is at Walgreen’s and it is the week of 01/22/2017 through 01/28/2017 !!

This week the body wash is for $2.00 a bottle but there is a deal when you buy $15.00 worth you get 5,000 points which is the same as $5.00 in points !!

suave body wash at wags


If you look at the picture some bottles come with a coupon attached !!

suave coupon that is attached to bottle

This coupon is for $0.50off one bottle and expires 05/21/2017 , if you do not have this option there is a coupon in the Red Plum from 01/01/2017 for $1.00 off 2 that expires 02/06/2017 !!

To work this deal you will need to purchase 8 bottles and have which equals to $16.00 before coupons (need to reach $15.00) .

so I got eight used 2 coupons from Red Plum ($1.00 off 2 ) then had four bottles with $0.50 off 1 in store (attached to bottle) . otherwise you will need 4 coupons from Red Plum . Each coupon from Red plum covers 2 bottles (8 bottles) .

The deal works out like this :

8 bottles at $2.00 each = $16.00

4 Red Plum coupons $1.00 off 2 = $4.00

$16.00 – $4.00 = $12.00

then the in store deal is spend $15.00 get back $5.00 in points

$12.00 – $5.00 = equals $7.00

lastly ibotta has a rebate for $1.50 when you purchase 2

suave ibotta

If you are not familiar with ibotta it is an app you install on your smart phone for instant in store rebates and savings .

If you sign up under someone you receive a $10.00 sign up bonus !!

if you would like here is my referral code : tkqlhen

With the ibotta rebate it drops the total from $7.00 down to $5.50

so it is like getting each bottle for  $0.69 !!!!

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