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Stockpiling….WHEN to Buy and WHEN to Walk Away, WHAT IS YOUR STOCK UP PRICE????



Can you imagine walking into your spare bedroom or garage and saw this….AN AWESOME STOCKPILE!!! Over the past 5 years I really took an interest in couponing, and I am GLAD I did….I can’t even tell you how much money I have saved over the past 5 years!! But what I had to learn was when to BUY, when to walk AWAY and when to STOCKPILE an item!!! Here at WHATSTOURDEAL, we have developed an AWESOME STOCK UP PRICE CHART…This list will assist in the BUYING of items for your STOCKPILE!!!


BeginnerGuideStockUpClick the IMAGE to be taken to the awesome STOCK UP price chart…..

This worksheet is an ALL-in-ONE price chart and inventory tracker. Everything is grouped accordingly and alphabetically sorted for your convenience.

Columns in the list explained HERE…

  • Retail Price…..This is the average retail price in my area. If your retail prices are higher, your stock up prices will need to be adjusted accordingly)
  • Buy Price…..This is the Price I would typically pay with coupons or on sale, this is around a 30-50% savings)
  • Stock Up Price….This is when you want to buy enough to last you between 2-3 months to get you to the next stock-up price sale)
  • Unit Price….Total Out of Pocket For Item ÷ Quantity Purchased = Cost Per Item…..Cost per Item ÷ Size (# oz, #rolls, etc) = WYD Unit Price
  • Current Inventory….The exact number of items you currently have in your STOCKPILE.
  • Goal Inventory….The goal for your stockpile. My stockpile goal is to obtain 1 year worth of items for my Family.  Overtime, you will have determined a desired amount of each item used monthly. To determine the GOAL Inventory amount…Take the number of a certain item that are used monthly and times that by 12 (1 year) and this total is your GOAL inventory amount.

You can DOWNLOAD A PRINTABLE STOCK UP PRICE CHART WORKSHEET print or use the list below to navigate to each category. I have one in my coupon BINDER…This worksheet is set up as a GOOGLE document…

  • CLICK HERE to OPEN the google document.
  • Click FILE (upper left corner), Click DOWNLOAD as….you can download in many different formats, EXCEL OpenOffice, etc.
  • or YOU can MAKE A COPY of the worksheet under FILE and add this to your google documents.
  • Once this is complete the WYD printable STOCKPILE worksheet is yours to use and adjust to meet your needs

DONT FORGET to check out the GREAT printable coupon websites to SAVE BIG while building your stockpile…

Now if you are having printing issues….CHECK out this great ARTICLE with some AWESOME printing tips….



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