Stockpile Storage – Inside or Outside? #couponcommunity #couponstockpile

It’s Winter = COLD Weather. Ever wonder what is safe to store outside in the garage/storage shed and what should be stored inside? Well look no further – Thanks to Misty Adams for this FANTASTIC list!!!!

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Outside – 
Paper Products
Powdered Detergents
Liquid Dishsoap (I store soap like Dawn outside, it will become clumpy/cloudy while in the freezing temps, but will be fine once thawed.)
Shampoos/Conditioners (Same thing as above, will get lumpy but will thaw fine.)
Seasoning Packets
Cake Decorating Items (e.g. Sprinkles)
Bar Soap
Liquid Hand Soap (Same as Dawn above)
Pet Food
Cat Litter
Canned Coffee
Office Supplies (e.g. Printer Paper)
Dryer Sheets
Aluminum Foil
Ziploc/Hefty Bags
Dental Items (e.g. floss, toothbrush, toothpaste)
Sanitizer (Won’t freeze but bottle could become brittle)
Flour/Rice (As long as it is in an airtight container)
Pill form Medications (e.g. Tylenol)
Candies/Chocolate Items
Bags/Boxes of Pasta *If there are no critter issues*

Inside –

Aerosol Products
Liquid Detergents (Will get clumpy and having used frozen/thawed detergent, it will lose it’s effectiveness)
Canned/ Bottled Beverages
Condiments (e.g. BBQ Sauce)
Canned Goods (The liquid inside will freeze, causing can to bulge, possible seam leaks)
Boxed Food (e.g. Cereal)
Glass Food Items (e.g. Pickles)
Cleaning Products (e.g. Windex)
Baby Wipes
Saran Wrap
Baking Items (Sugar, Cake Mixes, Frosting)
Hair Care (e.g. Gel or Hairspray)
Bleach (if you live an area where it gets down to 20°F or below it will freeze)
Cough Syrup and other liquid Medications
Chapstick/Lip Balm