Edited & forwarded – Saving Time to Save Money! ~ Clipping Coupons the FAST way.

Yes, you did read that correctly. It is entirely possible to shorten the amount of time you spend clipping, sorting and organizing your coupons, when using the binder method. Here’s my “how-to”…

The first step is to sort your inserts. And by that I mean grab all of your like inserts. If you get your inserts from different papers, you may have different inserts. There is one super easy way to check and see if your inserts match. Look at the spine of the insert:


The dates and papers that the insert was given to are all located there. Once you determine what you have for matches, you can easily pull apart the inserts and start to stack the pages together:


Once you get them all together, you can paper clip or staple them together (using the whole insert method) or stack them, similar to this (for those using the binder method):


Then, comes the fun for clipping. I recommend having a paper cutter of some sort. That was quite possibly the best Mother’s Day present I ever received. My hands were SOOO grateful! As you clip, you can sort. I watched a video once on Cuckoo for Coupon Deals and saw the best idea EVER!


As you’re clipping, you sort your coupons on to “mats”…sheets of construction paper, each broken down into boxes with your categories written on them, like this:

Mats for Clipping-closeup

Clip your coupon, put it in the category you want it. Then, when you’re all done clipping, it will look a little like this:

Mats for Clipping-all of them

Then, file away into your binder! HOURS saved!! Enjoy and let me know what you think of this!!

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