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Saving Money With Your SmartPhone Apps Has NEVER Been Easier! Check Out This *HOT* List Of My Tried And True Faves! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity

If there is one thing all couponers love, it is to save money WHEREVER we can!!   While MOST of us have figured out how to save money on the everyday things like household items, hygiene supplies and paper goods, how do you save on those other MUST have items?  As much fun as it is to have rows and rows of shampoo, we can’t live off of it!  We still need those tough to save on items such as produce, meats…not to mention back to school clothes for the kids!  So where do we even begin saving for items like that?  My favorite way is through money saving apps on my smartphone!  While my smartphone may not be smart enough to pay the bills yet, it IS learning, slowly but surely!  Check out this list of Money Making apps that are TRIED and TRUE!  These are, in my opinion the best of the best-my go to apps when I wan to save some money!

And the Winners Are….

Fetch Rewards: This app adds up QUICK!  You get points for purchasing, points for referring friends, and bonus points for purchasing select items.  Scan your receipts, earn giftcards!  It is every bit as easy as it sounds! Sign up today using the code  PA4FU to earn 1,500 BONUS Points!  Get started sooner rather than later to start stacking up your points!


Hollar: This app is PERFECT for stocking up on household items (think dishsoap, ziploc bags, tinfoil and more!).  They offer discounted prices on As Seen on TV, household decor, personal supplies, hygiene items, even brand name kids toys (Fisher Price, Disney, Vtech).  They offer frequent coupon codes to drop their already low prices even more, AND offer free shipping on all orders $25 and more!  Sign up here today and earn shopping credit! I LOVE this app!
Hollar Will Save You Dollars!


Shopkick: This app holds a special place in my heart.  Maybe it is the seemingly unending stream of gift cards I have earned, or maybe it is the ease with which I earn them.  Either way, this app is Number one in my books!  Shopkick offers shoppers the opportunity to score points (kicks) by walking into businesses, scanning items in the store (that’s right-Just scan them, no need to purchase!) and linking the app to your spending cards.  It is SO easy to earn kicks with this app, and they add up FAST! Plus there is virtually NO wait time to cash them in when you are ready.  Just a few quick clicks on my smartphone and BAM! an barcode pops up and I am ready to start spending with my digital gift card.  An added bonus for this app is the variety of places there are to choose from when redeeming your gift cards! You can sign up for Shopkick TODAY by using this direct link! Start Saving BIG with Shopkick!


CheckPoints: Much like Shopkick, this app offers you the opportunity to earn points by ‘checking in’ at different locations, scanning items, watching movie clips and more!  The UPSIDE to this app is that there are more places offered to ‘check in’ at than Shopkick.  You can also rack up CRAZY points by playing movies virtually all day long if you have unlimited data.  The downside is the long wait time to cash in your points, however, with a little planning (i.e. remembering to cash in those points BEFORE the last minute) this app can STILL pay off big for you!  You can sign up for CheckPoints TODAY by using this direct link: Start Saving with Check Points TODAY! Be sure to use my referral code to score bonus points for me and YOU!

Check points

Ibotta: This app definitely makes the cut!  Ibotta pays you for purchasing items like you NORMALLY would during the course of your weekly shopping.  It can be used in addition to any store and coupon savings you may accrue.  When you purchase an item offered from Ibotta (These grocery items range from everyday things like milk, eggs and bread, to alcohol and cleaning supplies!) you simply scan the barcode on the item with your phone, then take a picture of your receipt.  Occasionally Ibotta will ask you to answer a question, learn a fun fact, or even watch a quick clip, however as far as Bang for your Buck goes, Ibotta is a WIN!  Gift cards are easy to redeem and you can do so almost instantly (Like Shopkick!).  There is a variety to choose from, so you won’t be disappointed!  Some downsides to Ibotta are, you are limited to only ONE rebate on each item offered, and the items are store specific (as in you MUST purchase from designated stores).  You can sign up for Ibotta TODAY by using this direct link: Save BIG with Ibotta!  



Checkout 51: This is another money back app for your everyday grocery shopping.  The GREAT thing about Checkiout 51 is that they offer a PRODUCE rebate every single week!  The items to choose from vary, but MOST are items that many average shoppers would purchase such as bananas, salad, cucumbers, etc.  Redemption is simple, just choose and offer and take a picture of your receipt.  Although the rebate amounts are not large, they all add up eventually!  When you are ready to redeem (and you have accrued a minimum of $20.00 in your account) then you can request a check and they send it…FAST!  Bonus: You can often redeem the same rebate multiple times!  Downside: The selection of offers is limited.  If you are interested in saving with Checkout 51, Sign up here today! Checkout 51 Will Save You CASH!

**UPDATE** Checkout 51 Is RAPIDLY growing, offering more variety and higher value rebates everyday! SCORE!



Saving Star: Saving Star is an AWESOME way to save when you buy in bulk because this cash back app offers you an opportunity to keep adding to your purchase over a period of time (i.e. spend $30, earn $5 back).  This is GREAT for shoppers that are brand loyal, and it gives you an opportunity to earn some larger rebates.  They also offer rebates on fresh produce, which can be hard to come by.  Saving Star offers a variety of ways to redeem your rebates including direct deposit, donation options, and even gift cards.  A BONUS offered by Saving Star is the Friday Freebie, they frequently offer a rebate on Friday that makes the item completely FREE!  The downside is that it takes some time to process rebates, ad redeeming them can be a bit time consuming as well.  Saving Star is a universal, easy to use app that adds up quickly and is easily redeemed. If you want to start Saving with Saving Star, you can sign up here today: Saving Star Saves!


MobiSave: Mobisave is an app ONLY offered to Apple users currently, and believe it or not, there is a WAITING list to get this app!  That may sound strange to you, but I have found that it is well worth the wait!  The customer service for this app goes above and beyond all other apps I have ever used.  The process is simple, just choose the rebates you are interested in prior to check out, scan your receipt and go!  The rebate amount is deposited into your account almost immediately.  This app has a nice variety of items to choose from including food, household, baby, pet and personal items!  The rebate values are very reasonable for the price you pay in store, and there is virtually no wait!  The way this app works, is the way ALL cash back apps should work, in my opinion!  The only downside to this app that I can see is…there are no referral fees, which means that there is no BONUS to you for sharing this app with others (except the joy in helping a fellow couponer save BIG!)  If this sounds like the app for you, sign up here today to get on the waiting list! MobiSave Makes YOU Money!


Receipt Hog: This is an app, that I think EVERY shopper should have!  While it does not add up quickly, every little bit helps in my opinion!  This app offers you CASH just for scanning receipts!  the more you spend, the more coins you earn.  Coins can be redeemed for either cash, or an Amazon gift card.  Along with coins, this app allows you to earn ‘spins’ on the Hog Slot machine.  Prizes vary and often spit out more coins!  There are also bonuses offered for shoppers that scan receipts each week without missing.  This is a fun, easy to use app, and scanning receipts only takes a moment.  If you are a shopper that runs multiple transactions, Receipt Hog will limit how many receipts you can do from the same store in one day.  There is also a limit of 20 receipts per week, however, free cash is a NO BRAINER in my opinion! Start feeding your Hog today to earn cash! Receipt Hog is HOT!

receipt hog

Receipt Pal: This is one of my FAVORITE apps, and my only regret is that I didn’t start earlier with it!  This app is SO simple to use, there is NO excuse not to!  Simply shop, and snap.  Snap a picture of your receipt (you don’t even have to take multiple shots) and off it goes!  Once you fill a card (by snapping 4 receipts) you get 100 points.  Points add up VERY quickly, and there is a variety of ways to redeem them from gift cards to amazon.  There are no bells and whistles for this app, and it offers no referral fees, it is just straight forward and simple to use!  Best of all, every receipt you submit signs you up to win a raffle prize!  Sign up here today and DON’T wait, like I did!! Receipt Pal Pays YOU!


Ebates: Ebates is an easy way to score spending money by shopping through the site.  Yep, it’s JUST THAT SIMPLE!  All you have to do it click through the Ebates site when you are shopping online and you can earn a percentage back on each purchase.  this is SO simple!  They also offer promotional offers for shoppers (on site coupons, discounts and more!).  This is one app that EVERY online shopper and saver should HAVE and USE!  the best part is, they send your rebate check right to your home so you can spend it as you please!  My only complaint about Ebates is that I didn’t sign up sooner!  Don’t Wait, Sign up here today! Ebates Is GREAT!


Efurb: Efurb is FAST becoming my favorite way to score FREEBIES!  It could be because I have raked in a new  Shark shampooer, Cuisinart fondue set, Bose Bluetooth speaker system and MORE!  Efurb is a site that offers reduced prices on refurbished electronic items.  Not only is Efurb an easy way to score great prices on electronics, but they also offer an awesome referral program!  For every person that you refer, THEY will earn a $10 credit, and so do you!  The coolest part about Efurb is that they offer free shipping on most items, and also offer items that are in the $10 range from time to time.  As a SMART SHOPPER, you know what that means…you have the chance to score free stuff right away just by signing up!  This is a great site to suggest to friends that are ‘breaking into’ the deal seeking and savings world as it is easy to navigate, delivery is quick and easy, and most people that are new to deal seeking online can navigate the site and easily score freebies.  Check it out!  It’s a great way to stock up on Holiday Gifts! Start Scoring Freebies with Efurb today! Efurb Earns You Electronics!


Schoola: Special Thanks to my friend Michelle Lucido for getting me started with Schoola.  This is a GREAT program that benefits us (The SMART SHOPPERS of the world) AND it also helps schools out by donating a large portion of the proceeds!  Schoola is so simple to use, and they offer promotional deals frequently that save you even more!  Schoola offers gently used clothes for babies all the way up to adult sizes.  You can also find accessories including purses and shoes for sale, all at drastically reduced prices!  They frequently come out with coupon codes that can be stacked, and offer free shipping on all orders over $25.  This in combination with the AWESOME referral program that they offer ($15 Schoola Dollars for EVERY friend that signs up AND $15 for you as well!) makes for some GREAT opportunities to score free clothes!  Be aware that all credits expire within 60 days of being issued, however this is not generally an issue because of the large selection of clothing and they frequently update with new items, so spending is NEVER a problem for me! Sign up for Schoola Here today, if you are not currently using it and see what YOU can score for FREE! School Saves On Clothing!


Pat Pat: Pat Pat is an app that offers greatly discounted items for moms, moms to be, and babies!  The variety of items offered and ‘cuteness factors’ are OFF THE CHARTS!  The items offered are all reasonably priced, and they offer you opportunities for discounts by sharing your deal on social media (%5-%10 off normally, sometimes more!).  In addition to that they also offer freebies!  All that you have to do is be there at the right time to request your freebie including baby outfits, bibs and more!  This is a great app for mommies, but also for the average joe-you can also browse through a selection of handy household items and clothing!  If there is a downfall to this app, I would say the long transition between ordering and shipping, but considering that the prices are great, and there are almost always HOT codes and promos available, I really can’t complain! Sign up here today to start scoring your adorable freebies! Pat Pat App Will Send You FREE GOODIES! Use the Code LIZZIE to INSTANTLY Save %25 off of your first order!

Pat Pat

Raise: If you are looking to score low prices on gift cards, then this is the place for you!  I absolutely LOVE this app!  I purchase discounted gift cards all of the time!  If you are a pre-planner, then these can save you tons!  You can purchase gift cards for gas, groceries and more!  BONUS** you get $5 off of your first purchase if you go through this link  There are two types of gift cards that you can purchase, they have actual gift cards that are mailed to your home after purchase, and digital gift cards that are electronically delivered to your Raise account.  They also run promotions on weekends and holidays where you can earn an additional %3-%5 off…remember, when you are in the business of saving money, EVERY little penny counts!

gift cards

I hope you enjoyed learning about all of these apps!  While it may seem overwhelming at first (especially if you are NOT Smart phone Saavy…..I most definitely was NOT!) try downloading one or two and familiarizing yourself with them!  The payoff will be WELL worth your initial investment of time.  I work full time AND manage to juggle my apps!  A year ago, if you would have asked me to sign up for all of this, it would have been a wholehearted NO WAY JOSE!  I didn’t think I had the time, or the skill set to navigate all of this.  Today not only have I learned how wrong I was, I regret not starting earlier!  All of these apps pay off like they promise,and are in my opinion well worth the effort.  If I can help get your started or answer any questions, feel free to utilize the following resources:

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