RUN! RUN! RUN! To Dicks Sporting Goods And Score UNDER ARMOUR For $1! GO! GO! GO! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Deals #UnderArmour

Ok smart shoppers…get your running shoes on because you are NOT going to want to miss this sale!  Right now through July 8th, Dicks Sporting Goods is having a MASSIVE clearance event!  So far it appears to be a nationwide sale with no locations excluded!  Below is ALL Of the information that you need to know!

Here is your deal:

  • Look for clearance signs, balloons, or even a HUGE Tent…each location varies!!
  • Check the clearance apparel, the LOWEST marked price will receive an additional markdown as listed below:

    Pink, Silver, and Green Dot Items

    $0-$10.99 YOU PAY $1
    $11-$25.99 YOU PAY $5
    $26-$50.99 YOU PAY $10
    $51-$75.99 YOU PAY $20
    $76-$125.99 YOU PAY $25
    $126+ YOU PAY $30

    Yellow, Blue, and Purple Dot Items

    $0-$5.99 YOU PAY $1
    $6-$10.99 YOU PAY $3
    $11-$15.99 YOU PAY $5
    $16-$25.99 YOU PAY $10
    $26-$40.99 YOU PAY $15
    $41-$75.99 YOU PAY $30
    $76-$100.99 YOU PAY $45
    $101+ YOU PAY $75

It should be noted that these discounts are taken off of ALREADY MARKED CLEARANCE PRICES!! This  means you are getting HUGE Discounts on ALREADY Discounted items!

Name Brand Items are included:

Under Armour
Field N Stream

Clothing was not the ONLY Thing on clearance, camping gear, sports apparel and MORE…Don’t ask what, ask WHEN…As in WHEN Can you get there?



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