Run! Run! Run! Get to Hyvee TONIGHT for FREE FRUIT and FREE Cereal! #Lizziesavesalot #CouponCommunity

Holy SMOKES!! Right now shoppers can score an INCREDIBLE deal at their local Hyvee on Cereal and possibly even produce! The best part is…you don’t need coupons to cash in on the savings!!! Special thanks to Dawn for the heads up on this deal!

Here is your deal:

  • RUN! To your nearest Hyvee store TODAY!!
  • Buy (10) GM Cereals on sale now 5 for $10 for a beginning total of $20
  • At the register your total will drop to only $10 because those cereals are ALSO part of the BUY 5, SAVE 5 promo
  • WAIT! The savings don’t stop there! When you purchase (10) the register will spit out a save $5 OYNO, like paying only $5 PER transaction if you ROLL your cats!! Wowza!!

BUT WAIT! It gets better…If you DO Have Coupons!

At my local store, they had these AWESOME peelies on the box for $2.00 off fresh fruit with the purchase of (4) boxes of cereal!

  • Buy (10) boxes of GM Cereal on sale 5 for $10
  • Buy any fresh fruit item around $4
  • INSTANTLY save $5 with the BUY $5, SAVE $5 sale and drop your total to $14
  • Use (2) of the produce peelies (located right on the boxes, pictured above) and drop your total to $10
  • Use (5) Printable Coupons **Get Your Coupons HERE: Save BIG On Cereal dropping your total to as little as $5.00!
  • ROLL your $5 cat and pay as little as NOTHING For TEN BOXES OF CEREAL!!

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