New Coupons Located within your STOCKPILE !!!

I love finding hidden coupons within my stockpile and here is a great Stash !!!!

I got a call from a new couponer that I gave a gift set to at Christmas !! I was so excited to here her gush about a gift set that I gave her !! She told me that when she opened her gift there was a set of coupons within the set that was going to help her coupon !!! There are up to $15.00 worth of savings !! This is from a gift set that I practically paid nothing for !!!

schick set picture

This is the set I gave her , and I purchased these at Christmas Time at Walgreens they were originally $10.00 and I bought tons of them. I used Jingle cash and coupons ! Well to my surprise inside was a set of coupons under the razor !!

schick coupon location

I was so excited that I carefully opened all my sets and everyone had coupons !!

Schick Coupons 15.00

here are the coupons and they add up to $15.00 off !!!

expiration schick coupons

The coupons expire 04/30/17 , so go check your stock pile and collect them so they do not go out of date !!!!

i used a box cutter and carefully taped them back with clear packing tape !!!

Enjoy !!!!

Much love JIll

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