Edited & Forwarded Moms Toolbox ~ A Coupon Organizing System (Super easy)

Hi my name is Shelly, I am a 43 year old mom of a 16 and 18 year old, as well as a husband.. (mom to him too most times) that resides in the Houston TX area.  I was laid off of my job in the construction industry about a year or so ago. Honestly I dont want to go back to work if I dont have to, so I was trying to find ways of saving money to make it where the impact of losing one income wasnt to difficult.  I had played with coupons here and there over the years, but I got more interested in it from several facebook groups and blogs, so I started buying several papers weekly and began my journey..  I have never taken a coupon class, or got real instruction from anyone in particular, and I do not shop by lists or match ups.. I wing everything. I have been “couponing” for about 8 months now, and have a decent stockpile, nothing extravagant like some I drool over, but I will get there.. maybe. I was told that we were not buying another house just so I could have more room for my stock pile.. But my daughter will be going away to college next year, so that opens up one room!!!

I was asked to share my super easy method of filing and organizing my coupons. I struggled with the binders, and it seemed like it took forever for me to cut the coupons perfect to make them fit right in the different sized card holders. I was very aggravated, and I would sometimes forget what category I put something in, losing out on saving money, not to mention feeling like I was being stalked and stared at every time I walked in a store with my binder. I came up with this method, and I hope it helps you the way it did me.  Everything I bought for this was at Walmart, but you can get it anywhere. The Bag is nothing but a tool bag that measures about 8X13X10


1 Tool bag choose the larger bag 8x16x8

1 pencil bag (try to find one that had the binder holes and zipper on the top) (best bought locally)

1  pack of Large Ziploc storage containers they come in a set of 2  (can also be purchased locally, hopefully with coupons!)

2 packs of lettered index card dividers  3X5


I use 1 container for things I would swallow, and the other one for things I wouldnt swallow. I clip my sets of coupons and put them in ABC order by product name, so for example, if i was going through the store and saw a sale on Herbal Essence shampoo, I would look in my (non swallow) tray, and pull out my group of coupons from “H”. When I found the coupon and how many I needed, I would drop them in my pencil bag, and go on to the next item.  If I come across General Mills cereal I want to get, I just go to my (swallow) tray and pull out my “G’s and drop the coupons I need in my pencil bag.


Its fairly easy to keep on top of the coupons that are expiring soon since I an constantly flipping through them looking for what I need.  The tool bag fits very well inside the child part of the basket. It does not sit all the way at the bottom, so I normally take my little clutch purse/wallet, and put it on the bottom, then set my tool bag on top of it. The trays fit nicely side by side, and kind of rest proper against the back part of the child area. It puts just enough tilt to make it super easy to flip to what I am looking for.. When the bag isn’t in use, the trays stack inside, one on top of the other, and it zips closed. There are plenty of pockets inside and out, and even with both trays, there is still room inside it to carry copies of stores coupon policies, as well as weekly ads.


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