Let’s Get ROMANTIC on a BUDGET! Dinner for 2, HOTEL, & Entertainment for JUST the Cost of Gas?!?! Say What?!

Do you ever wish that you and your *sweetie* could escape into a hidden paradise, take a break from reality, just get away from it all?  I think we ALL have dreams of doing some exotic, fun, or different, but then the reality of life come CRASHING down and dashes any chance of that!  Even if we COULD manage a night away from the kids, pets, work, and life, those sweet stolen moments REALLY add up!  Who can afford all of that?  A romantic night out on the town with your loved one can add up FAST with the rising cost of ….oh….just about EVERYTHING!  Take this for example:

  • Dinner for 2 can range anywhere from $50-$100 depending on how fancy you want to go
  • Entertainment…let’s say a movie and $9 a ticket, now you are looking at almost $118
  • Hotel rooms can range anywhere from $100-$200 a NIGHT, unless you don’t want anything fancy…  all in all that is a whopping $318 for ONE night of romance and relaxation.


If ONLY there was a way to do it cheaper…

WELL!  There is!  Did you know that many, MANY casinos offer an INSANE amount of ‘perks’ to gain customer loyalty and to get you back into the casino playing?  Even if you are not a die hard gambler, some of these perks can be really appealing to a money saving individual like you (and ME!).

My husband and I enjoy ‘living large’ all year long on a meager budget by taking advantage of ALL the perks offered by our local casinos.  We have signed up for ‘Gamer’s Cards’ at no less than 3 casinos that are all within a 2 hour or less drive from our home.

A Gamer’s Card is a program offered by many casinos.  It is a FREE program that costs nothing to begin!  The best part of signing up is that they often times offer start up bonuses (Free players points, Casino Cash,etc)  The perks vary from location to location, however the bottom line is, they offer FREE STUFF!

While neither of us are what you would call a big spender, we reap the benefits of being card holders all year long!  Some of the better perks we see are:

  • FREE night Stays in local hotels
  • FREE casino cash (money to spend IN the casino on the games!)
  • FREE meals at the in house establishments, which are normally high end buffets

What does this mean for a couponer?  IF you were to take advantage of these HOT freebie promotions, you could EASILY enjoy a nice night out, in a FREE hotel, using your Casino Cash, and eat what is offered through your program, ALL FOR JUST THE COST OF GAS!  Yes it may take some advance planning, but in my world, this is something that I can DEFINITELY do for a romantic night out on the town with my hunnie, at the low, low price of FREE!

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