Kroger Policy Change 2014

KROGER Policy Changes Effecitve 8/31/2014 Kroger Coupon Policy HOAX???

WOW! Look at these changes!  Most Notably NO LIMIT!  and EXPIRED COUPONS!  Whoa!!

UPDATE: POSSIBLY REGIONAL OR HOAX!!!  I have personally called stores in 3 divisions and could not verify any changes at the store effective 8/31/14.  If YOUR store DOES INDEED implement this new policy, please contact me on Facebook, So we can UPDATE this info.

Kroger Policy Change 2014

This is an inter-office memo given to Store Managers with instructions on implementing the new policy.  This memo was not intended for public release, but we sure are glad it made its way to the public!


  • No Limit on coupons.
  • Customer buys the item, they take the coupon.
  • Stay consistent with the policy, take all legitimate coupons.
  • Don’t look for expiration dates, the store will get credit.
  • Kroger will accept competitor Catalina Manufacturer coupons.
  • Kroger will accept competitor manufacturer coupons.

This goes to prove that STORES are INDEED getting paid on Expired Coupons.  Kroger WOULD NEVER implement this policy without getting paid.  Believe it or not, Kroger is NOT the first store to opening ACCEPT Expired Coupons! CUB FOODS has been doing it for YEARS and they DO GET PAID.  It is a MYTH in the couponing community that the expiration date is the cut off for stores getting paid on coupons.  This is NOT TRUE, the manufacturers STILL want to sell their products EVEN after the coupon expires.  It  is WIN / WIN!


Thanks to MyLitter for the Scan and Info!

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