Is This CRAZY Or What?? Student Suspended For Saving The Life Of Another Student!


Your child is having an serious asthma attack and another student, who also has asthma, recognizes the problem. Then she tries to help the best way she knows how – she hands the girl her inhaler. And it helps! According to the parents of the student with problem she make have saved the girl’s life. – the result is not what you expect!

The results – both students are on their way to being suspended and placed into alternative schools as a punishment. What would you do as a parent?? How crazy is this? Here’s the story!

A middle school girl was suspended after sharing her inhaler with a classmate that she thought was having an asthma attack Tuesday, according to reports.

7th grade honors student Indiyah Rush, 12, also faces up to 30 days in a Garland, Texas, alternative school, KDFW-TV reported. She handed the other girl her inhaler after she noticed the girl wheezing and then breathing heavily during gym class at Vernon Schrade Middle School, Indiyah told the TV station.

“I was just trying to save her life,” she said. “I didn’t know I was doing anything bad.”

Now both Indiyah and Alexis Kyle, 13, faces the sanctions for using her classmate’s inhaler.  “I’m getting in trouble, but the thing is, she’s getting in trouble too. She tried to help me,” Kyle said.

A school incident report obtained by the TV station identified Indiyah as the “perpetrator” who had a “controlled substance/marijuana.”

“I’m getting in trouble, but the thing is, she’s getting in trouble too. She tried to help me,” Kyle said.

“The little girl saved her life. And the reason we say that because we have been to situations where she has been to ICU so we know how bad her asthma is,” said Michael Green, Alexis’ Step-father.

Alexis, her mother and step-father pled their case to school administrators on Thursday.

“Now we are just floating, just waiting,” Green said. “We just want her back in school, that simple.”

Indiyah’s mom, Monique Rush, said she’s worried her little girl will get mixed in with true drug offenders at alternative school and “I don’t want any of that to rub off on her.”

“I mean, they punished her twice. They suspended her on top of sending her to alternative school,” Rush said. “How could you do a kid like that?”

A representative for Garland Independent School District didn’t immediately respond Thursday night to a request for more information on the health condition of Indiyah’s classmate and the possible punishment. Garland ISD spokesman Chris Moore defended the disciplinary measures in an interview with KDFW.

“It’s a prescription, and one student’s severity with asthma may not mirror that of the girl who let the other girl borrow hers,” Moore said. “And that could have resulted in some pretty significant issues.”

Moore noted Indiyah may receive no days at the district alternative school because the offense carries a penalty of zero to 30 days. Indiyah’s hearing is scheduled for Friday morning.

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Picture credit: Fox News

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