Impressive 20 yr old Couponer Donates OVER 100k in products to families in need

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To say that this young lady is impressive is an understatement. Hannah Steinberg, 20 yr old founder of Our Coupons Care, has taken couponing to a whole other level. She has donated over $100,000 worth of items to help the homeless through her couponing efforts.

It started when she watched an extreme couponing show. After the show, she started to get addicted to clipping coupons and finding the best deals. She first put her couponing to work for grades because her high school has a community service requirement of 40 hours per year. She found Coachman Family Center in White Plains, a temporary housing shelter for families, and spoke with Ivan Smith the youth coordinator for the program.  

That was the beginning of a beneficial relationship with Smith and the Center and a channel for $100,000 worth of donations to families in need. When she first started it was just a few items, some toothbrushes. That was four years and 22,000 donated items ago. She has collected food, toys, and school supplies for the Center. 

Everything she donates to the center is purchased with the coupons she clips; if a coupon won’t cover it, she uses cash donations. She eventually worked out a system with Big Top in Scarsdale that gave her the coupon inserts from unsold papers.  

She founded Our Coupons Care, a registered 501(c)(3) that is listed on AmazonSmile and  Steinberg has been able to attract additional donors and has raised over $15,000 through her charity. Those cash donations help make up any gaps her coupons can’t cover. 


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