ibotta coupon app, how does it work?

ibotta – What Is It and How Does It Work?

iBotta is taking the coupon world by storm!  Those who love it, sing praises all day long.  And those who do not, clearly have not tried it yet!

ibotta coupon app, how does it work?

If you are a couponer, ibotta is a good friend to have in your pocket. If you ask people what ibotta is, you will get answer like: Its a coupon, its a rebate, its a game, its an app, its a website.  Truth is, iBotta is all of those things.  You use it like a coupon, but get paid like a rebate. You sign up online, but use your phone, and how is it a game?  You can increase your COUPON POWER (or Rebate Amount) by doing fun little tasks.  This is the game part.  Tasks include things like “Testisfy” where you tell something about the product.  “Learn A fact” where a short piece of information scores you another $.25 cents more. “Take A Poll” where you answer a question to get an extra $.25 added to your rebate amount.  “Facebook” Where the app makes a post on Facebook about the product.  (I always jump on those and send a link back here saying I JUST GOT THIS PRODUCT FREE Go to HERE to find out how!) So my friends will be groovin’ on it.  On just about every “coupon” in ibotta, there will be 2 or 3 ways to INCREASE the amount, by doing these tasks.  The tasks vary product to product.  And even the same task can be a little different on each product.  Any way you look at it, it is fun!

iBotta is currently working with the following Merchants:



Sams Club

CVS Pharmacy

Military Commissary

Harris Teeter




Dollar General

Family Dollar


Whole Foods


Each merchant has their own offers, some overlap, and some have exclusive offers. I expect this list of active merchants to continue to grow as the app increases in popularity.

THE BEST FEATURE OF IBOTTA: Even though it acts like a coupon, it does not count as a coupon in the merchants eyes.  Which couponers are excited about!  When a store’s coupon policy states “We only take 1 coupon per item per transaction.”  You can still use a coupon at checkout, AND you can use ibotta.  It’s a secret stack! And if the store has a policy that states “You can redeem 1 store coupon and 1 manufacturers coupon per item per transaction.” you can STILL use ibotta, for a TRIPLE STACK!  So you see, if you have not tried iBotta yet, today is a great day to start, it’s like FREE MONEY!


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