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Ohmigosh shoppers…I am SO EXCITED about this new earning incentive from Ibotta!  If you are NEW to Ibotta, there is really no better time to get started! Right now you can sign up for FREE!  Ibotta is a totally free grocery shopping app that will NEVER cost you ANYTHING out of pocket to use!  Shoppers earn money with Ibotta by scanning their receipts after grocery shopping!

Here is your deal:

How do I use Ibotta?
Ex: Go to the grocery store and by a box of cereal for $2.00
Ibotta has a $.75 offer for the same cereal
Submit your receipt and earn $.75

How Do I Get My Money:
SO MANY WAYS TO SAVE!  You can choose to cash out and purchase a gift card to your favorite online store, or local store (Walmart, Target, etc.).  If you prefer cold hard cash, you can submit for a cash transfer to your Paypal or Venemo account! AWESOME RIGHT?

Earn A $10 Bonus When you Redeem Your First Offer:
If you sign up using this link today, and redeem your first offer within one week, yoou will earn an additional $10!! WOAH!

Save BIG With Ibotta, Sign Up Here Today

For a limited time, Ibotta is offering new users an INCREDIBLE Incentive!  If you sign up, and share your link with your friends, Ibotta will MATCH what they earn!  That means for EACH Friend you refer, YOU Will earn $5, PLUS YOU will earn whatever THEY earn through the ENTIRE Month of April! This is an INCREDIBLE Opportunity to earn and learn!!

**Shoppers Tip**

DON’T Wait to start saving!  The sooner you download this app and get started, the sooner you start earning! What are you waiting for? GO! GO! GO!


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