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Here at WYD (What’s Your Deal) We are commited in making sure our members have the most accurate information and a complete understandiang of couponing. We wanted to put together a helpful guide on how to shop a Kroger Mega Event for those of you that are new to couponing and/or couponing at a Kroger Mega Event.


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A Kroger Mega Event is a promotion that Kroger does several times a year.  Mega Events usually run for 2 weeks and will vary each time. You may see a “Buy 4 Save $4”, “Buy 5 Save $5”, “Buy 10 Save $6″…ect. You MUST purchase the quantity of items for that particular promotion. As an Example: Buy 5 Save $5 Event, you MUST purchase items marked with this promotion in multiples of 5 in the same transaction, you can mix and match items that are part of this promotion.

Here is an example of a Mega Event Tag:




  • Make sure you have a Kroger Plus Card – this will help take off additional savings. Sometimes there are higher value coupons than those that you can print or have in the inserts. Most Kroger Plus Card coupons are a limit of 1 use, sometimes they will offer coupons that have a 5x limit(which means each coupon is good for 5 items)
  • Check your Kroger ad or See WYD’s Coupon Matchups Here and make a list of the items you would like to purchase.
  • Check WYD’s database, your Kroger Plus card or print coupons here for coupons that go with the items you have on your list.
  • Plan and organize your shopping plan. Make sure you have a backup plan just in case some items are out of stock.
  • Head out to the store and SHOP SHOP SHOP – Make sure the items you are purchasing are INCLUDED in the Mega Event (these items sould be tagged)
  • Keep your Mega items separate from other items you are purchasing. (see examples below)
  • Keep your coupons that you are using (items already in your cart) organized. I use a paperclip and paperclip the ones I am forsure using together.
  • Checkout time – Count your Mega Event items as you place them on the belt for checkout. This is to double check that you have the correct number of items for the promotion. I always hand over my Kroger card first so that I can watch the screen to make sure that the items are ringing the Mega Event Price. Plus, this allows me to see my total before any coupons come off. After all items are rung up, hand over your coupons.
  • After you have paid for your order check over your receipt, just to double check everything came off correctly. Its better to know while still in the store than after you get home.

Kroger Mega Events are a GREAT way to stock up on items and get a stockpile going.

QUESTION & ANSWER!! These are the questions that get asked the most

(Q) Is there a limit to how many Mega Event items I can purchase in 1 trip?

(A) No, You can purchase any of the items in the Mega Event as long as you purchase in the required multiples. If you are using coupons, you will still need to stay within the stated limit on the coupon or your stores coupon limit. Check with your local store if you would like to purchase in BULK quantities. Most stores will order bulk quantities for you and allow you to use larger amounts of a single coupon.

(Q) Do I need to purchase all of the same items?

(A) No, you can mix and match any of the items as long as they are included in the promotion. You MUST purchase the quantity of items for that particular promotion to receive the promotional price.

(Q) How do I keep track of how many Mega Event items I have?

(A) There are MANY options to use for this:

  • Use reusable shopping bags – Put mega items in your bags, once each bag has the required items for the promotion, close to bag and move on to another. (Bag 1 has 5 mega items needed for promotion, close it and move to Bag 2)
  • Use the bottom of your cart for NON-EVENT items, this requires you to count your Mega items as you go. (More of a chance of losing count)
  • Use the front of your cart(child seat, bread holder, whatever you may call it) – If the Event is B5S5(Buy 5 Save $5) then put your items in the front of your cart, once you reach the 5 (or whatever) needed for the promotion then place them into the back of your cart

(Q) If at Checkout I realize my count is off, what should I do?

(A) Again, there are a few options:

  • If you haven’t paid yet, you can remove the extra items
  • Most times there are items near the checkouts, grab the extra items to reach the promotion
  • If you have paid, you can go to customer service and return the items, then you may repurchase them with added items or choose to come back another time to purchase.

(Q) Do clearance items get the mega event savings?

(A) YES, and I love when this happens. As long as you purchase in the correct multiples for the promotion the mega discount will apply to the clearance.


**NOTE – I hope this has answered alot of the questions asked about a Kroger Mega Event. If you still have question feel free to message me or ask in the groups, WYD has the BEST members that are always willing to help.


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