HOLY SMOKES!!! RUUNNN!!! ONLY $1.49 Each!!! Dog Treat Jars, Beds, Bowls, Fabric Houses, Steps, & MORE!!! | #ClearanceDeals #DogSupplies #CouponCommunity


WOW! Thank you SO MUCH Brandy Walker for sharing this AWESOME clearance find at Walgreens with us. Brandy SCORED HUGE today at Walgreens and shared these AWESOME deals with all of us so we can go grab some as well. Check this out!

What’s Your Deal…?

  • Pet Shoppe Dog Beds – Clearance $1.49 Each
    ***NOTE: Make sure you get the beds with red and green on the tags.
  • Pet Shoppe Dog Bowl Set – Clearance $1.49 Each
  • Pet Shoppe Fabric Dog House – Clearance $1.49 Each
    ***NOTE: There are 2 different color houses.
  • Pet Shoppe Treat Jar – Clearance $1.49 Each
  • Pet Shoppe Pet Mat – Clearance $1.49 Each
    ***NOTE: There are 3 different color mats.
  • Pet Shoppe Doggy Steps – Clearance $1.49 Each
    ***NOTE: There are 3 different color steps.

Here are some pictures of the items that Brandy got so you have some pictures to go by when in the store:

dog-1 dog-2 dog-3 dog-4 dog-5 dog

***NOTE: Even if your store does NOT have any of these marked, BE SURE to have them scan them. Some stores don’t always mark their clearance merchandise. ALSO, as ALWAYS YMMV (Your Mileage/Manager May Vary) when chasing clearance deals. All stores do NOT mark their stuff down at the same time, so it is best to go to your store and scan the items to see if they are clearance.

~*~Thank you again Brandy for sharing this AWESOME find with us!~*~

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