GREAT SCOTT! Paper Towels AND Toilet Tissue! Leave Your Coupons At HOME And Grab This Deal! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Walmart

Looking for a great deal at Walmart with NO COUPONS REQUIRED? Look no further shoppers! Your deal has arrived!

Here is your deal:

  • Buy (2) Scott 12 rolls toilet tissue at the everyday low price of $7.98 each for a beginning total of $15.96
  • Buy (2) Scott 6 pack paper towels at $5.98 each bringing your total to $27.92
  • Submit to Saving Star for a $2.00 rebate back on (2) Scott and an additional $2.00 rebate back on Viva for a total of $4.00 back in rebates back
  • Submit to Checkout 51 for a $2.00 rebate back on (2) Scott paper towels and an additional $2.00 rebate back on your toilet tissue for another $4.00 back in rebates
  • **BONUS** Earn the Home Essentials bonus through CO51 by redeeming BOTH Offers and get an additional $2.00 back!
  • This all adds up to a total of $10.00 back in rebates!  That is like scoring all four of your items for a mere $17.92, or $4.48 each! WOW!
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