Get These HOT Deals By Rolling Your Plenti Points at Rite Aid Week of 1/8! |#deals #couponing #savingmoney #couponcommunity #coupondeals #linlinsavesyoumoney

This Week we have TONS and TONS of deals we can SCORE BIG ON! I am going to have a few different transaction rolling scenarios you can do remember you get your points the next day at Rite Aid So you can go daily and get ALL of these deals By the end of this sales week!

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Rite Aid scenario

If You did the transaction scenario deal from last week you should have $20 in Plenti points to start your rolling this week!

Here’s Your Deals:
Transaction 1



Day 2 Transactions
Trans 1

Max reached for starter points deal for week of 1/8

NOTE: HOLD your Plenti points until next week and we will roll those points into new deals