Get Ready For This SMOKING HOT Breakdown….My $530 Haul…This Is UNREAL! #LizzieSavesAlot #CouponCommunity #Deals

This was SUCH A fun, simple haul, and I couldn’t believe how fast my savings added up!  There are SO MANY Good deals right now, even if you can’t catch them all, you can grab a few!  ALL of these deals are still live and ready to go, so get to the store and GO! GO! GO!  Below you will find a detailed breakdown of how I completed this haul so that YOU can duplicate the deals!

It ALL Began at Walmart:

  • I bought (10) Rubbermaid ice trays at $1.00 each
  • (5) Rubbermaid ice trays at $1.97 each
  • (5) Rubbermaid small sized tumblers at $1.48 each
  • (3) Rubbermaid medium sized tumblers at $1.86 each
  • (2) Rubbermaid Pitchers at $2.77 each
  • (5) Colgate sensitive toothpaste (normally $3.97) on clearance now for $2.00 each
  • (2) Nutri Grain Bars at $3.97 each
  • (15) Tic Tac Gum Packs (5 Watermelon Flavor, 5 Freshmint, and 5 Spearmint) at $1.14 each
  • (3) Visine at $1.97 each
  • My PRE COUPON total came to $89.12
  • I used (25) $2/1 Rubbermaid Pitcher, Mixermate, Carafe, Ice Tray, or Party Platter, exp. 7/8/18 (SS 05/13/18) [DND]
  • (5) $1/1 Colgate Total, Optic White, Enamel Health, or Sensitive Toothpaste, exp. 7/7/18 (SS 06/24/18)
  • (2) BOGO Coupons ($3.97/1) located ON the box of Nutri Grain Bars
  • (15) $0.50/1 Tic Tac Gum, exp. 7/8/18 (SS 04/08/18 #3)
  • My AFTER Coupon Total came to $13.88 after tax
  • I used an Ibotta gift card to pay the balance
  • Are you using Ibotta yet? If not, sign up here now… you will earn an additional $10.oo! BOOM! Sign up here today: Save BIG With Ibotta
  • I earned $1.00 back from Checkout 51 when I purchased (2) Nutri Grain Boxes
  • I EARNED $24.20 back from Ibotta ($1.00 back on Colgate x5 for a total of $5.00 back, $1.00 on Tic Tac x5 for a total of $15.00 back, $1.40 back on Visine for a total of $4.20 back)
  • That made this one HOT, MONEY  MAKING SCENARIO! Whoop!
  • This transaction would have cost $89.12 without coupons!

Moving on…To The Dollar Tree:

  • I bought (4) Lime A Way Toilet Bowl Cleaners at $1.00 each
  • (4) Right Guard deodorants at $1.00 each
  • **Shoppers tip** Dollar Tree Policy limits shoppers to using (4) Like coupons per day, which is why I shop in 4’s
  • I used (4) $0.75/1 Lime-A-Way Product, exp. 8/24/18 (SS 06/24/18)
  • I used (4) $1/1 Right Guard Xtreme or Sport, exp. 7/1/18 (RMN 06/17/18)
  • I paid $1.00 oop for $8.00 worth of items! SCORE!

Next We Be Bopped Over To Target:

Target has a store policy of (4) Like coupons PER transaction, so in order to complete this trip, I broke down my items into multiple transactions

  • I purchased (3) Banana Boat Sun Lotions at $2.99 each
  • These were listed at $2.09 on the website, so my store adjusted the price accordingly to $2.09 each
  • I purchased (8) at a time for (3) transactions, and each transaction looked like this:
    *(8) Banana Boat Sun Lotions at $2.99 for a total of $23.92
    *They immediately price adjusted down to $2.09 each and brought my total on down to $16.72
    *I used (4) $4/2 Banana Boat Sun Care Products, exp. 6/30/18 (SS 05/20/18) and/or $4/2 Banana Boat Sun Care Products, exp. 8/4/18 (RMN 06/24/18) leaving me a balance of $.72, which I paid with a Target gift card earned from a previous transaction
  • I ALSO found an INCREDIBLE Clearance find, a Cooking Light Bakeware set, normally priced at $100, on clearance NOW for $29.70 (Get more information on this deal here: Cookware Clearance at Target)
  • I paid for this using a previously earned gift card, so I didn’t have to spend any money oop!
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Chugging Right Along To Walgreens:

  • I started off with running (5) Separate Transactions of Black Forest candies at Walgreens
  • These are on sale for $1.99, and you earn a $1.99 register reward.
  • I paid for these using points, and applied the register rewards towards my other two transactions
  • First Large Transaction
  • I bought (6) Schick Hydro Silk Razors, normally priced at $12.70 each
  • These are currently on sale $8.99 BOGO %50, so they come out to about $13.48 for every (2)
  • (4) Purex, normally $4.99, on sale NOW for $1.99
  • (4) Oxi, normally $7.49, on sale NOW for $2.99
  • (2) Large Hydrogen Peroxide, normally $1.99 each, on sale now 2/$3
  • This brought my pre coupon total to around $60.36
  • I used (6) $5/1 Schick printable Coupons (Shoppers Tip…If you are going to do this deal, do it QUICK! These are running out of prints fast!)
  • (2) $3/2 Peelie Coupons For Purex
  • (4) $2/1 Oxi Printable Coupons
  • This dropped my total to around $16.36, so I paid with points!
  • I earned 13,000 back in points, from the razors and the peroxide! SCORE!!
  • Large Transaction #2
  • I bought (9) Oxi at $2.99
  • (8) Purex at $1.99
  • This gave me a pre coupon total of  $42.83
  • I used (9) $2/1 Oxi Printable ,$2/1 Oxiclean Laundry Detergent, exp. 7/24/18 (SS 06/24/18)
  • (4) $3/2 Peelie Coupons For Purex
  • This dropped my total on down to $12.83
  • I paid in points!
  • If I purchased these items as a regular shopper, sales and coupons aside, my total would have come to $237.97, I paid $7.64 for all items, most of which was tax!
  • I promptly submitted to Savings Star for a $4.o0 rebate on my Purex, which dropped my total oop to $3.64.  Now THAT Is some serious savings!!

Ended it in style…at My Local Dollar General:

  • I purchased (6) Right Guard Deodorant at $1.00 each for a beginning total of $6.00
  • I used (6) $1/1 Right Guard Xtreme or Sport, exp. 7/1/18 (RMN 06/17/18)  and paid NOTHING oop!

In conclusion…I would call this one HECK Of a haul! The retail value of this haul would have been $530.79.  I paid out $8.64 in cash, most of which was tax.  I earned back $10.32 from Ibotta (this amount was what I earned AFTER Deducting the original gift card I applied towards this haul), $1.00 from Checkout 51, and $4 from Saving Star.

Remember that ANY Savings are GOOD savings if you are saving money!  If you can’t do HUGE hauls, pick a small haul and start there!  Baby steps will get you the success!!



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