Don’t Understand Using BOGO Coupons With BOGO Sales? Here’s How It Works!


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Many people have been confused over the TONE deal where you Buy 1 Get 1 Free at the store and you are using a B2G1 Free coupon with it. Here’s the Buy 1 Get 5 FREE Deal at Walgreens thru 7/4.

Well here is how these sales work and how it makes it possible.

In this scenario you are buying 6 items

Buy 6 – on sale at the store B1G1 Free

So you are PAYING for 3 and getting 3 FREE

Now you are going to use (2) B2G1 Free coupons. The 2 FREE items from those coupons attach to 2 of the 3 you are paying for. Which leaves only 1 to actually pay for!!!

This chart can help!!


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