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NEVER NEVER NEVER ask an employee about penny items. Items that penny are suppose to be removed from the floor.

DO NOT leave your store a mess, if you are searching for items PLEASE make sure you are neatly searching and putting items back that may have fallen.

Penny Shopping IS NOT a sale. Items will stay a penny unless they reset!!! 

NOTE: I will “TRY” to make sure that the new list is posted by 10 pm Monday nights. If you receive information on penny items PLEASE pm me with the information and I will include it in the post. I use MULTIPLE sources to try and bring you guys the most accurate information.

Dollar General follows a pattern for their discounted items. Usually 25%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 90% (this may vary slightly) then within 1-2 weeks the items will “penny out”. When items “penny out” they are suppose to be pulled off the shelves by the employees. However, this is where the “scavenger hunt” comes in. Us, as penny shoppers look for those items that were forgotten. These markdowns usually occur on Tuesday mornings. THE EARLY BIRD GETS THE WORM.

Discounts can vary by district also. Sometimes 1 district may be at 25% and another will be at 50%. However, the items will “PENNY” at the same time.

Dollar General uses a code and a dot system. (Some may not have either)

  • SP – Spring
  • SU – Summer
  • FA – Fall
  • WI – Winter
  • 13 – 2013
  • 14 – 2014
  • 15 – 2015
  • 16 – 2016

The Dot System is:

  • Purple Dot
  • Brown Dot
  • Red Dot
  • Pink Dot
  • Pink Star
  • Blue Dot
  • Brown Diamond
  • + others


2 Examples of Tags:

dg dot dg tag



Make Sure You Know These BEFORE Attempting To Penny Shop


  1. NEVER, NEVER Ask where the penny items are or if they have any penny items.
  2. NEVER argue with an employee stating that an item should be a penny.
  3. NEVER ask for a price check. When you get to the register and it rings up more, simply say that you thought it was on sale and have it taken off or go ahead and purchase the item and return at another time.
  4. If you believe that an item is a penny, put ALL of those items that you are getting in your cart. Once you get to the register and the items rings for a penny you CAN NOT go back for more. The store employee is to go remove any other items from the shelf. So if you want it, GRAB THEM ALL.
  5. YMMV –  Sometimes different regions will discount quicker than others. Don’t get discouraged if yours aren’t ringing up yet. Wait until next week and try.
  6. DO NOT go into a store and start ransacking it. Put items back where you found them if you don’t want them. Clean up after yourself.
  7. Penny shopping takes time – DO your homework before going into a store, jot down the info on paper and/or take screen shots of tags/items on your phone. Just an FYI almost ALL penny shoppers have reported not being able to access the internet in stores. So don’t count on being able to get on.
  8. Be familiar with their store policy on penny items. (Will be attached below) Print it out and have with you!!
  9. NEVER call corporate about Penny Items. You may contact the District Manager and let them know that you had items ring for a penny and the cashier/store manager refused to sell them to you.
  10. NEVER give out information about how you learned of penny items.









Penny shopping will not be learned over night. It does take time, but is WELL worth it.

Make sure to follow along as I will try and get the newest information out to you each week.


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