Does this cracked screen look familiar? I FIXED IT MYSELF and SAVED OVER $200!! |#diy |#crackedlaptopscreen

Although I shed a tear when this happened to my son’s laptop (it’s a Santa thing) two weeks ago, being a couponing/deal seeker forced me to a rather in-expensive solution…

Two weeks ago, that was my son’s laptop screen.  When it happened, I was absolutely mortified, and so was he. The day after, I took it to Best Buy to speak with Geek Squad.  They informed me that ‘it could not be fixed’ and that I would ‘need to buy a new one’.  The following day, I took the laptop to a local reputable computer sales/repair store for a second opinion.  He was a very nice gentleman, and informed me that the screen could absolutely be fixed, but it was going to cost me almost $300 to do so.  To me, these gentleman were just making blasphemic remarks!! I am a ‘couponer’..we don’t spend MORE MONEY, we find ways to spend LESS MONEY.  Needless to say, neither of these business’s were able to squeeze anything out of me.

It is not within me to actually give up, and I couldn’t just let it rest that he would have to do without his Christmas present after only six months.  Almost desperate to take care of this for my son, I got online and did a little research.  The first place I looked into was Amazon, to see if this particular screen is something sold as a separate part.  Lo-and-behold, of course it was!  The next place I looked into was YouTube, for a video about how to replace the screen itself.  I figured if the part could be sold separately to the public, then it can also be replaced, BY THE PUBLIC.  And I was right.

For just under $60 through Amazon, I ordered a replacement screen.  Because of ‘Prime’, it arrived in just a few days.  I went back and forth from the videos to the old/new screen for almost two hours just to make sure I was doing the replacement correctly.  Now that I have done it, I don’t feel so anxious about doing it another day if need be, and could replace this particular one within 15 minutes or so.  It was all pretty easy.  My son, who was so demanding that we have a professional fix this, is now just as educated about it as I am, and confident enough in his 10 years of wisdom, that he too could replace it if need be.

Many times we get in a mindset about certain things that only a ‘professional’ can take care of for us.  We forget just how capable we can be on our own with the  proper tools and guidance.  I proved this to myself, and my children, just yesterday.  There was no need for me to pay a pro so much money to take care of something that I could do for a fifth of the  cost and my own time.  Now I understand that not everything can be a DIY.  But this was.  I imagine other folks have broken screens too.  Before you put your electronics away and give up on them, do a little research for yourself.  Not everything HAS to be disposable.
This is the end result…looks pretty good, don’t it?
(proud M3 moment)