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I have had a TON of people ask me how do I shop at Walgreens for free ALL YEAR LONG! I have also noticed a TON of questions lately on certain policies on how to use all of the perks that Walgreens offers to their shoppers. Well, I am going to help ALL of you out by giving you the scoop on Walgreens.

First, I want to tell you that Walgreens is an AWESOME place to shop at ESPECIALLY with all of their perks like RR’s (Register Rewards), Points (Balance Rewards Points – These are the points you earn that are put into your account/card.), Points Boosters (These are offers that they give periodically in the ads or on the app.), and MUCH MORE!

When I started couponing Walgreens was the first store I mastered. I found it to be the hardest store to coupon at so I wanted to start out with the hardest store so I was able to master the other stores and it be a PIECE OF CAKE. I am going to go over a few things about Walgreens that will make your shopping experience A LOT easier when you plan your hauls and get to the checkout.

When you are planning your haul you can look up prices online on the app or if it is an item that is on sale and in the ad you can find the price there. You want to make sure that you read the exclusions on all of the coupons and the offers first before you start planning because you want to make sure when you get to the check out that you have a SMOOTH checkout.

Register Rewards (Also referred to as RR’s) are just like Catalina’s (CAT’s) that print out of a separate machine, not the machine that your receipt prints out from. Register Rewards are considered manufacturer’s coupons and you MUST have an item for it to attach to when you are checking out.

Balance Rewards Points (Points) are points that are put in your account/on your card for you to use to purchase just about anything in the store. They do not work on a few items that include dairy, cigarettes, alcohol, photo, gift cards, etc. To see the FULL list of items that Point and RR’s cannot be used on click HERE. Points can be redeemed in increments of $3 (3,000 Points), $5 (5,000 Points), $10 (10,000 Points), $20 (18,000 Points), $35 (30,000 Points), and $50 (40,000 Points). See how the more you spend the less points they take away? That is also an AWESOME perk that Walgreens has. So the bigger your purchase is the less points they take away, so when you are planning to use points try to take advantage of the BONUS that they give you for making such a large purchase.
***NOTE: When you look at your points on the app you will notice a dollar amount right next to them. That tells you the value of your points at that time. Don’t EVER go by that. Go by the amount of points you have because that dollar amount will change once you start to redeem points. As you can tell from above when you redeem 40,000 points that is $50. So I ALWAYS go by the amount of points I have instead of the dollar amount. So if I have 147,000 points I consider that as $147. When I go to redeem 40,000 points and I get a balance of 107,000 I consider that $107 and I just look at it as I got a $10 bonus from Walgreens for spending a large amount at one time. I hope this makes sense because I have seen a lot of people worried that Walgreens is taking money from their accounts which is not the case.

As many people have wondered… Can you pay with points and receive points? The answer is YES, in SOME cases you can. The only time you can earn points when paying with points is if you are doing a deal like this:
—> Buy (2) Always/Tampax Products Get 2,000 (=$2.00) Points
You cannot earn points if you are doing a deal like this:
—> Spend $30 Storewide & Receive 10,000 (=$10.00) Points
Make sure that when you are planning your haul that you remember this specific rule because you don’t want to get up to the register and expect to earn points and not get them because you accidentally paid with points.

Can you roll Register Rewards…? The answer is YES, you can. There are some details on how to do this though. First, when you receive a RR, look at it REAL close and see who issued it. Example:
If Pantene is giving $3 RR’s… It is issued by P&G. So whenever you go to use that don’t use it on a purchase that is going to give a RR by P&G because you won’t get the RR. BUT… If you use that $3 RR for P&G for a deal like a Colgate deal you will be able to receive the $5 RR for the Colgate deal because they are different manufacturers.
This is another VERY IMPORTANT factor when planning your haul for Walgreens. So keep this in mind.

You can ALWAYS roll your RR’s into points. Whenever you pay with RR’s you can earn points.

You can ALWAYS roll your points into RR’s. If you pay with points you will still earn the RR’s.

When you are doing deals where you earn points there are a couple things to keep in mind. The NUMBER ONE thing to keep in mind is you need to ALWAYS make sure your total is met BEFORE tax. You ALSO need to MAKE SURE that your total is met AFTER all STORE COUPONS (Monthly Coupon Book Coupons – Also known as IVC & Coupons in the ad.) and discounts. When they tell you that you need to make sure your total is met AFTER coupons it is ONLY STORE COUPONS (NOT manufacturers coupons). Walgreens considers manufactures coupons money just like all the other stores do so when you see that you need to meet the threshold AFTER coupons it is just after the STORE COUPONS ONLY. This means that if you need to spend $30 to earn points you need to make sure that your subtotal is at least $30 AFTER the store coupons are deducted.

When you have RR’s, you want to roll those into deals that are giving points. When you have points, you want to roll them into deals that are issuing RR’s. This is how I shop at Walgreens all year for free. RR’s have an expiration date of 2 weeks after it is issued, so you have 2 weeks to find a HOT deal that is giving points to roll those RR’s into points. When you find a HOT deal that is issuing RR’s you want to roll your points into RR’s, so you can get FREE merchandise and then you can keep doing it OVER AND OVER again! Points don’t expire for a LONG time, so you have awhile to keep the points in your account without them expiring, but RR’s do, so keep an eye on those RR’s that you have so you don’t lose out on FREE money.

When you are buying items that earn RR’s or points you want to make sure that you split your transactions up. Example:
—> Buy 2 Herbal Essences or Aussie Hair Care Products Get $2 in RR’s
If you buy 4 of those items you will ONLY receive $2 in RR’s, not $4. To receive the $4 in RR’s you need to do separate transactions.
—> Spend $20 on Eucerin or Aquaphor Get 10,000 (=$10.00) Points
If you spend $40 you will ONLY receive 10,000 (=$10.00) points. To receive the 20,000 in points you will need to do separate transactions.
—> Buy (2) Always/Tampax Receive 2,000 (=$2.00) Points
If you buy 4 of those products you will receive 4,000 (=$4.00) in points. You do NOT need to split your transactions up with these offers.

You can stack a Walgreens coupon with a manufacturers coupon on an item. ONE Walgreens coupon and ONE manufacturers coupon per item is allowed.

When using coupons and RR’s at Walgreens you need to make sure you have enough items in your transaction for your coupons to attach to. You need to make sure you have EQUAL AMOUNT OF ITEMS AND COUPONS. If you are using RR’s, they are considered coupons so you need to make sure you have an item for it to attach to… which is why you will see a lot of people saying they have “fillers”. Usually there is candy at the register for this purpose. (The only time the 1 coupon per item rule does NOT apply is with the store coupon/manufacturer coupon stack comes in play.) Just make sure that you DO NOT have more coupons than items when you are planning your haul.

Walgreens DOES NOT accept expired coupons. Coupons expire at 11:59pm in the time zone you are located on the date of the coupon.

Walgreens does not give cash back AT ALL. If the coupon EXCEEDS the amount of the value of the item the coupon can be rejected by the cashier. SOMETIMES (I say sometimes because I have had it work both ways before) when you have a coupon that exceeds the amount of the item as long as the coupon doesn’t take you BELOW TAX it will scan right through. ALTHOUGH, in their policy it states that the coupon will either be rejected or the coupon will be reduced to the value of the item.

Walgreens DOES NOT accept coupons on free items. SOMETIMES (I say sometimes because I have had it happen both ways before as well) as long as your coupons together don’t EXCEED the value of the full price item the coupon will still scan. This is a YMMV (Your Mileage/Manager May Vary).

Those are the main things that you need to keep in mind when shopping at Walgreens. If you plan accordingly and you manage your RR’s and points accurately, you can VERY WELL shop at Walgreens ALL YEAR FOR FREE! If you are just starting out then you will pay a little OOP (Out Of Pocket) at first to starting earning all of these rewards to be able to start rolling them, but it will all pay off in the end, I PROMISE!

To see the ENTIRE coupon policy for Walgreens click HERE!

If there are any details I have missed in this post, PLEASE feel free to PM me with any updated information. Thanks!

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