Do You NEED A FREE Filler For You Walgreens Transactions This Week…? If So, Grab Some FREE Trolli or Black Forest Gummies!!! | #WalgreensDeals #TrolliGummies #BlackForestGummies #CouponCommunity


What’s Your Deal…?

  • Buy (1) Black Forest or Trolli Gummies – $1.50

Pay $1.50 OOP (Out Of Pocket) & Receive $1.50 in RR’s!!!
***Week of 1/08/2017 – 1/14/2017: $1.50 in RR’s (Register Rewards) WYB (When You Buy) 1 Black Forest or Trolli Gummy Candy.

After you factor in the RR’s you will receive for this purchase, it is like getting them for FREE!!!

***Walgreens Shoppers Tip: There is no limit to how many times you can do this deal, so check with your store to see how many times they will allow you to do the transaction because in order to receive the RR for each one you have to split the transactions up and do 1 per transaction. This is a GREAT filler for you to be able to use your RR’s that you have from previous transactions/sales/deals on a transaction where you have coupons for all of the items and no item for your RR to attach to. The RR’s DO NOT roll for this, so if you are going to use this RR to buy another candy, it will NOT print out another RR. Deals like these are GREAT for you to use RR’s that you have that are getting ready to expire so you can get another RR that has a long expiration date. Now, I know you may have RR’s that are more than $1.50 in value, but you want to use those RR’s towards this and another deal that is either giving points or RR’s back so you get the RR for the candy and either points or a RR for another deal. Still confused on how to get the most bang for your buck at Walgreens, click HERE!

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