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If there is one thing that I LOVE To do…it’s going shopping for FREE!  These deals were SO INCREDIBLY Simple, that ANYONE can do them for a very low, or even NO Money spent oop!  I shopped two stores to score these sweet deals, Walmart, and Target!  Below I will provide a detailed breakdown on how I did this!

Here is your deal:

I started out at Walmart, where I ran the cereal deal!  You can run this several ways, either all at once, or in several smaller transactions!  There is no ‘wrong’ way to run this deal! The only ‘wrong’ way is by not running it at all!  I did mine in three separate shopping trips, but the idea is the same, use the coupon from the first box, on the next box! AFTER You score LOTS of free cereal, you can submit to Ibotta for CASH BACK!

This deal will vary depending on which Ibotta offers you have, below you can see one suggested deal idea:

  • Buy (5) Boxes of Frosted Flakes
  • Buy (5) boxes of Apple Jacks
  • Buy (5) boxes of Corn Pops
  • EARN (5) $.15 rebates for Frosted Flakes for a total of $.75 back
  • EARN (5) $.30 rebates for Apple Jacks for a total of $2.25 back
  • EARN (5) $.25 rebates for Corn Pops bringing your cash back total to $3.50
  • BONUS** Earn a $2.00 Spring Showers Bonus when you redeem (2) Offers for a total of $5.50 cash back! SCORE!

I purchase 32 boxes of cereal.  I paid $3.88 for the first box.  I submitted half of my receipts to Ibotta on my account earning a grand total of $10.32, and the other half of them to my husbands account for a total of $14.50!  Although the offers were for a very small amount ($.15-$.65 each) by redeeming them all, every opportunity I had, I was able to earn LOTS Of Bonuses, and those add up quickly! That made this haul a $20.94 MONEY MAKER For me!

** Please note, the receipts redeemed on my account were different from the receipts redeemed on my husbands account, you can NEVER redeem the same receipt more than once**

If you are NOT Using Ibotta, what are you waiting for!?

NEXT I moved on to Target where I REALLY Lucked out and hit the %90 clearance event that they are having!  ALL Of the items I purchased at Target were %90 off!

I bought:

I used a gift card to pay the balance due costing me NOTHING oop!  I earn many gift cards using apps like Fetch Rewards, Ibotta and more! It adds up fast once you get started!

If you want to try out any of these apps, use my Ibotta link above for a $10 bonus with your first redemption, or sign up for FETCH REWARDS.Be sure to scan your receipt after shopping to earn gift cards quickly~ I LOVE This App! Sign up here today and use the referral code: PA4FU to earn 1,500 BONUS Points!


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