Couponing through the generations…

Most people look at couponing as something others do out of necessity, or habit.  Others still look at it as something of a hobby.  One of our readers however, looks at couponing in a whole new light, now that she is grown and has children of her own.  The following is her story, which touched me to read, and we would love to share it here with you:

I’ve always thought of my mom as the coupon queen.
She was OBSESSED. I remember my whole childhood filled with a coupon binder, dozens of inserts scattered and hundreds of clipped coupons littering our kitchen, dining room and living room.

I remember dancing with my mom’s receipts because they were so long and I liked to pretend to be one of the ribbon-dancers I saw on TV.

Then when I was a teenager I’d make fun of her. “Mom, who the hell needs 30 tubes of toothpaste?” “Why do you have 20 bottles of body wash and 15 deodorants under your bed?” “MOM! NO ONE NEEDS 20 BOTTLES OF LAUNDRY DETERGENT.”

She had a huge stock pile. She’d binge on clearance toys and clothes and donate them to orphans at Christmas. She gave personal items to anyone in need.

When I had my first child, my mom went to every diaper sale and hoarded as many boxes as she could fit into her SUV. I think she has an SUV solely to accommodate her hoarding. My daughter’s room was filled with diaper boxes and cases of wipes.

When I moved into my first apartment with Travis, I never bought tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner, soap… my mom had them stockpiled.

She tried to get me into couponing since I had so many kids. I refused. I thought it was petty. “Oh, so you save 25 cents on a box of crap you’d never buy? Wonderful!”

Now, the tables have turned. I have my own stockpile that far outweighs my mom’s. I donate my things to people that need them. My refrigerator is always stocked with food; much better than when I was working.

My mom called me yesterday. She told me to go by Wal*Mart and price match the Oscar Mayer hotdogs that Winn Dixie had BOGO. Then I countered, “Why would I match them at Walmart, when I could use my Publix BOGO coupon at Winn Dixie and get them both for free?”

The grasshopper has surpassed the master.    grasshopper


Thank you SO much to our wonderful reader, Sandra Golden for sharing this beautiful story!



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