Basics Of Couponing Step 5 – Populating Your Binder

Welcome to Step 5, Populating your Binder.
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You have already achieved quite an accomplishment!  Reach over your shoulder and pat yourself on the back!

This next step is going to fly! This is the easy part 🙂

We have two goals here.

  1.  Get all our clipped coupons into our binder.
  2.  Remove all the coupons that have expired.

Starting with your first category (Baby) on the left side of the table, grab all the pages you have for the category and put them in front of you.  Starting with the page that has the category card in it, look through the existing coupons for any expired.  Discard expired coupons. Start putting each different type of coupon into its own slot.  If a coupon is too big, fold it so it fits.  Be mindful to put the expiration date where you can see it. (Tip, if you fold your coupon in half, you can always flip the page over to see the back for the expiration date.).  Continue till all coupons for this category have been inserted into a sleeve.

If you have more than one page in your category, always start with the page with the category label.  Place the first page of the category (the one with the category card) face down in a pile, then all the rest of the pages, also face down, on the same pile.

Continue the same way through all your categories.

Some categories will have no new coupons, this is OK.  Just check them for expired coupons.

Tip:  Do not remove coupons before they expire.  Even if it is only a day or two away.  You never know when you will find a deal on that item and it wont hurt to stay in your binder.

Wheew! All the coupons are in their sleeves, all that is left is to put our filled sleeves back into the binder.  Get your binder, open it, and I usually do about 3-5 pages at a time.  You will find what works best for you, but I have tried larger numbers and one side never seems to want to line up LOL, so I conceded, I can only do 3-5 at a time.


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Direct Links To Each Step: Step 1  Step 2   Step 3  Step 4  Step 5

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