Basics Of Couponing Step 2 – Getting Coupons

Welcome to step 2 of Couponing Basics
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Next, we need some coupons to be a good couponer.  The Sunday paper has always been a treasure full of coupons.  Add purchasing FOUR Sunday papers to your Sunday routine. I have found that I am most pleased with coupon and deal match-ups when I have four copies of each coupon.  If you want to start with TWO Sunday papers, that is great too, but whatever you do… don’t limit yourself to just one.  You will be kicking yourself within 2 or 3 weeks. (We will focus on printable coupons towards the end of this tutorial).

Remember rule #1?  Never judge the non-couponers in your life.  Well, since they don’t use their coupon inserts ask them to send them your way.  I always treat them with a little something every time I pick up the coupon inserts.  Is it bribery?  I would say a trade.  A blessing.  A thank you gift.  but never bribery!

Everyone has their own routines, I clip my coupons on Monday night.  Why?  Because I get my papers on Sunday, then I collect coupons from my friends and family who are not using them on Sunday evening and Monday, so by Monday night I have all the coupon inserts that I will have for this week.  When you first start, set aside 2 hours to clip your coupons and put them in your binder.  (After you have been clipping for awhile, that time will be cut down).

Ready to CLIP? move onto

Step 3 for clipping shortcuts and techniques.

Direct Links To Each Step: Step 1  Step 2   Step 3  Step 4  Step 5


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