Basics Of Couponing

Welcome to the wonderful world of Couponing!  You are in for a real treat, lot’s of fun, and above all lots and lots of savings.

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When I first saw extreme couponers, I thought they were penny-pinchers and cheapskates, now that I am on the “inside” I see a whole other side of couponing.  I was literally walking away from free money!

Not only do I enjoy saving money, I enjoy finding the great deals! I enjoy the reactions of the clerks at checkout.  I enjoy the reactions of the people behind me.  I love getting paid to shop. whether you are a shop-a-holic on a budget, or a single mom making ends meet you are in the right place.  I will teach you how to enjoy shopping and stocking your cupboards without EVER going over your budget.  As a matter of fact, I suggest that you put a dollar in a jar, for every $10 you save couponing.  Then head to Disneyland, or treat your family to an awesome vacation next summer!

I grew up completely blind to couponing. Mom didn’t coupon, Dad didn’t coupon, my aunts didn’t coupon, my uncles didn’t coupon, no one I knew ever couponed!  Which brings us to Rule #1 never judge a non-couponer (They just don’t know how much money they are walking away from, or throwing away with their Sunday paper, and some frankly don’t care).  As your couponing skills grow, who knows, maybe you can make a couponer out of your non-couponers, but for me… Mom still doesn’t coupon.  I still love her, and she loves me and enjoys hearing my coupon adventure stories.  You know the ones where I got it for free, or the store even paid me to take their products home.  Yep, she loves hearing all about it.

The coupon girls best friends are diamonds and her binder.  (Diamonds are ALWAYS a girls best friend whether she coupons or not!).  And my other bestie is my coupon binder.  The binder I use is a double-three-ring binder with a zipper.  You can purchase this binder online here.

couponing basics - couponing 101 - the best couponing binder

The zipper is important, you never want to take a chance of your binder being rained on, or, heaven forbid, you drop it and it flies everywhere.  Can you image the look on my face in Target parking lot with little, itty, bitty coupons whirling around me as I chase them down.  Well, I can’t imagine that either, that is why I bought the binder with the zipper.  Another feature I really like about this binder are the dividers that have velcro on them. (If you buy online your binder will come like this, if you purchase in store, make sure you have 2 dividers (they will have a velcro tab)  These will help you to secure both sides of your binder while scoping out great deals.

Once you have complete these steps, move onto step 2.

  1. Get the right binder – Case It Double-Three-Ring-Binder with a zipper
  2. Purchase 30 nine-per-page baseball card sleeves I found some here and here
  3. Download and Print Grocery Coupon Binder Category Labels



Some of my friends have asked me to post photos of how my binder is organized.  I will go through all the different aspects of my binder with you as you go through this tutorial, in the meantime, here is sneak peek of what your binder will look like when we are done.

My Binder Open showing the middle.


The left velcro tab open, showing my printed coupons and store coupon policies.


Right Velcro tab open showing my clipped coupons

Here is a little video of me flipping through the coupons in the binder.

Click HERE to see this short Video



Direct Links To Each Step: Step 1  Step 2   Step 3  Step 4  Step 5

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