Coupon Organizing – Four different ways

These are my babies. These are my money. I have told my family MANY times, if there is ever a house fire (God forbid!), GRAB MY BABIES ON YOUR WAY OUT! I intentionally leave these by the door for easy access. They are a very odd source of happiness for this girl. Anyway…back to business.

The most recognized and used method is the binder. Where you come up with categories and put your clipped coupons into each section. It looks like this:

Then you have your sections:

And because I’m a freak, I like to have my ads and policies with me at all times:

So that’s one way. Another way is the filing by insert method. I have mine in a binder. I know of some people who use a filing box, some use a shoe box. Whatever snaps your cracker!



The purpose of this organization is to keep your inserts whole, and then clip only what you need. I’m just starting with this way, and so far I like it! It keeps me incredibly focused in the store, so I do not stray from my lists and more importantly, my budget!

Now, there are different ways to do shoebox organizing. I have used a couple of different ways for my expired coupons. I have two different sets. The first set is grocery coupons, since our one local chain accepts expired coupons for 30 days past their expiration date. LOVE THAT!!

These are in the box alphabetically, with each brand clipped to the letter:

The other shoebox way that I use is to organize my expired coupons for military donation. Now, the box is currently empty, but you still get the idea. I have envelopes in there for every category that is in my binder. EASY PEASY when pulling expired coupons to get this project done!

And there ya have it. Four different ways to organize your coupons! Mix, match, use the method that works best for you! And I ALWAYS recommend trying an incredibly small haul with your chosen method as a test run at least two or three times before going in for a big haul. You’ll find that you will be re-doing this as your progress with your skill!

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