20 P&G inserts

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Do you buy 10 or more Sunday papers or sets of inserts each week?20 P&G inserts

Then you are probably growing out of your binder.  The binder has always been the foundation of organization for extreme couponers, but with technology today, I found that my clipless method works just as efficiently and saves me time.  I used to spend a couple hours every Sunday clipping my coupons. Now I spend about 40 minutes sorting, matching and stapling my pages, and I am done!  I still have my binder, and I still add coupons to it, but nothing like I used to.  My binder is feather light, and all the couponing friends cringe at this thought.

We have always taken pride in our stuffed 10 lb binder! Our baseball inserts stuffed to the gills!   Yes, we have a coupon for THAT, and THAT and THAT!  🙂   We still have all the coupons, we just aren’t lugging around our binders anymore.

How do I do this unheard of clip less method when I have 20+ inserts?

First, let me tell you how I can to discover this method.  Our coupon database is amazing! I can find any coupon available for any product by simply typing in the product or brand. You can try it here. And the information given back to me always includes the date and insert type.  Which, with my binder method, really didn’t matter, because I still had to flip through page after page in the correct category to find the coupon.  And if I didn’t find it in that category, I would always check one or two more… just to be sure.  Never really knowing if I ever had that coupon or not.

Whats even cooler, is that when I go to the store, I can quickly search the database when I find an item on an unexpected sale or clearance.  I know immediately if there is a coupon available.  Compare this to my old method of taking hours with my binder flipping through pages, flipping through printed coupons.  This is a real time saver.

Now, lets get on with it!  The Clip-less method.  The first item needed is a hanging file storage bin with a lid.  Here are some options available.  I get 10 – 20 sets of inserts each week, and I use 3 bins.

Office Depot:Office depot Tote $10

Amazon:Akro-Mills hanging file folder
WalmartTote with snap on lid

Next, lets pick out some hanging folders to hold our inserts.  There are lots of fancy colors and a variety of sizes to choose from.  I would love to have bright colors for my folders, but practicality sank in, and I realized I needed several different widths to hold my inserts.  The only pack that comes in 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch sizes is the army green.  While this would not have been my first choice, I now smile when I look in my bin… I am on a mission!  >smile<

Office Depot:Hanging File Folders

This box costs a few dollars more than getting all the same size, but after my purchase, I am very happy I went the practical route.

Next, we need to label our folders, so we will need plastic tabs, and black dry erase marker.

Office Depot:Smead File Poly Tabs

Dry Erase Markers

The final items I use weekly when sorting my inserts are.

Rubber Bands
Sharpie Permenant Markers
Cardboard (5 inches wide by 1 inch tall)

 GO TO PAGE 2 for instructions on how to fill your folders and organize your inserts.

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